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Witness the most alluring sunset views at these sites

If the simplest of things make you happy and content, and a beautiful sunset is the one thing that tops your list, you should definitely check out this space. We have combined for you the most alluring sunset scenes from all over the world at a single place. Explore your philosophical side by witnessing the most charming and awesome sceneries that would make you feel heavenly on this earth. Though sunset everywhere is gorgeous, in some places it makes you feel out of this world. Wherever you go, it gives a perfect ending to a perfect day. Your travel experience can never be complete if you don’t watch out for one. Keep reading the space to know the world’s top sunset locations.

Hawaii Island, Hawaii, USA

First comes on our list is this super-gorgeous island of the USA. There would probably be no one who wouldn’t have heard of the Hawaiin Islands. Everyone dreams to visit this romantic and beautiful place once in their lifetime. It is covered with a countless number of pristine scenic beaches. And the beach which is considered best in the US is located at this place. Situated at the Kohala coast, it is known by the name of Kauna’oa Bay. The beach is a perfect spot to witness a magnificent sunset with a big luxury hotel in its vicinity. Sunset view is breathtaking that has a mixture of yellow, violet and orange hues.

Lofoten, Norway

Certainly not one of those places where you will get to witness sunset every day. You would have probably heard about the so-called midnight sun that keeps the place in bright sunlight for a long continuous period of time. Lofoten, an archipelago in the north of Norway is one such place. From late may till mid-July the sun never goes down. And during the winter months, that is often referred to as “Polar Night”, offers you to witness the alluring views of the Northern Lights when the sun does not even rise.

Santorini, Greece

You might have heard regarding the awesome sunset view of Greece in many places. Santorini is quite famous for its pretty white-washed towns among many tourists and travelers. It is a beauty in itself. You can simply get awestruck when you witness them. Among them is the small town of Oia which gets a huge influx of tourists occupying every inch of the place. And when dusk approaches, people gather to view lit up sparkling Aegean sea in gorgeous rose-pink light.

Uluru, Australia

Uluru is a kind of place where you get to see different colors at different times of the day. It is basically a sandstone standing tall in the middle of Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park having chameleon-like properties. This Ayer rock would definitely fascinate you with its changing colors. You would find every charming shade from a dark rusty brown color at the time of sunrise to blood-red during sunsets. It also has spiritual significance, so it has been prohibited to climb it. So it is recommended to just stand at the place and witness the amazing sunset view in between some beautiful cloud formations.

Venice, Italy

Last but not least, comes on the list, this awesome place. The list of the most beautiful sunsets can never get completed if we don’t mention it. Venice is the most beautiful city of Italy with wandering canals, marble churches, and narrow streets. These are the places you can enjoy in bright daylight. But what about late in the evening? You can’t afford to miss the sunset view of Venice if you are here. If you do, it would be the biggest travel blunder you would ever make. There are a number of places from where you can enjoy a spectacular sunset view like the Grand Canal or at the top of San Giorgio church. Even the bustling Accademia Bridge can be the perfect spot to have a surreal experience.

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