Why Scotland should be the next place on your bucket list?

Why Scotland should be the next place on your bucket list?

If you are planning out your next vacation, we recommend you to look out for this beautiful country of the United Kingdom, Scotland. The reason we are saying so is quite evident from the places we have mentioned below.


Loch Lomond

It is one of the most beautiful corners a little far away from the city of Scotland. It is the most favorite day trip of the locals of the place. To the northwest of Glasgow lies Britain’s largest lake, Loch Lomond has plenty of trout, salmon, and whitefish. It also has numerous attractions for hikers and the people who love to do watersports. Have a mesmerizing view of the place by taking a tour through Loch Lomond Seaplanes. It would surely be one of the spectacular experiences you can have while at the place. Take a boat tour or enjoy a trek up the majestic Ben Lomond by having some of the amazing views of Trossachs National Park.


Isle of Skye and the Inner Hebrides

It is the largest of inner isles of Scotland that is very easy to get to. It is a popular destination among nature lovers as it provides a series of pathways to walk through its pools and waterfalls. If interested in doing something adventurous, go on a five-mile circular walk to Coire Na Creche that would give a view of the magnificent Cullin Mountains. The island is vividly rich in flora and fauna with remains of primeval oak forests and wildlife that includes seals, otters, and at least 200 species of birds. The place has some beautiful attractions you can have a visit to such as a 12th-century church, a carved stone memorial from the 10th century along with Scotland’s oldest Christian cemetery.


Stirling Castle

Next on the list includes one of the best-preserved Renaissance buildings in the UK. The structure remains as it is due to the fact that it has been restored and furnished in similarity to its 1500s appearance. Stirling is sandwiched between Edinburgh and Glasglow and is famous for the Battle of Bannockburn. It is home to the splendid Bannock Heritage Center that has excellent displays and beautifully exhibits regarding this important era. You must also visit the majestic Wallace Monument that stands between Stirling and Bridge of Allan. It is a 246-step tower that has some amazing artifacts and also offers some incredible views of the area.


The Northern Islands

This probably might become your favorite spot if you love to do adventurous activities. The place is admired by the local hikers and bikers as it is sparsely inhabited and has a rugged, untamed landscape. You can enjoy fishing, sea kayaking, gorge walking, white-water rafting, and other outdoor activities in this Britain’s largest national park. There are many nice and elegant lodging and eating joints scattered around the place, along with lovely little villages. Explore the northernmost point of Britain by visiting the tiny coastal village of Dornoch or along the North Coast 500, the new tourist route of Scotland.


Isle of Arran

Last but not least, the destination we recommend you to visit in Scotland is the lovely Isle of Arran. It is popularly called “Scotland in Miniature” as it mirrors the landscape of the entire country in its small little area of 166 square miles. This tiny little place has a plethora of options to explore. It is a massive combination of rugged mountains, rolling moors, fishing harbors, sandy beaches that you can witness in less than an hour’s ferry ride from Glasgow. Stay at this little sampler of Scotland for some days, and you can easily watch out the whole of the place, including its highlights- Brodick Castle and Goat Fell Mountain.

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