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Why Santiago should be next on your list?

Santiago, the capital city of Chile is one of the largest cities in the United States of America. It is considered as one of the most vibrant and lively cities in South America. Santiago is the perfect mix of tradition and modernism with a Mediterranean climate. We call it a cosmopolitan city because of its cleanliness factor, great conveyance service, incredible wine and of course the stunning view of the Andes mountains everywhere in the city. The Andes is the largest chain of mountains in the world when talking of length. It stretches for about 8000 kilometers throughout South America from Venezuela to Patagonia.

Santiago is worth visiting for a number of reasons. Its incredible wine and indigenous culture is an absolute delight. Here we have listed why you should plan your next visit to Santiago asap!

For the finest CHILEAN WINE

It is not a lesser-known fact that Santiago is home to the finest wine in Chile. So while you’re exploring the city, why not have a look at how the fine wine is prepared? Wine here is prepared in many varieties like merlot, syrah, chardonnay, etc. In a nearby wine region called Casablanca. This place is definitely worth a visit as you also get to taste the samples as one guide takes you around in all the wineries. You can spend a lot of time here learning the ancient techniques of winemaking and tasting the best wine in the world.

For skiing THE ANDES

Who won’t like skiing in the largest chain of mountains in the world? Since Santiago is located in South America, it takes only about an hour or so to reach the skiing spot at the Andes and have the most incredible experience of your life. You can experience world-class skiing experience here for a good span of time and take home some of the best memories. The area is open from July to October and you can also visit the three breathtaking valleys- Valle Nevado, El Colorado, La Parva. This is a really amazing getaway for all those who love adventure.


Rising at about 300 m above the rest of Santiago, Cerro San Cristobal is the second highest mountain range in chile with beautiful botanical gardens, public pools and a spectacular view of the city as well as the Andes. It is a delightful place for both the locals as well as tourists. You can go hiking on this mountain trail or even take a bike or jog your way up there. For adventure lovers, this is bliss. Once you reach the top, you will spot a beautiful Virgin Mary statue adding to the beauty. A lot of food options and handicraft stalls can be explored from this hilltop.

Escape to VINA DEL MAR

For a nice time at the beach, head to the coastal village- vina del mar. It is at a nearby distance of one and a half hours from the capital city. It is not only home a beautiful beach but also some really amazing lush green gardens and parks where you can laze around in peace. You might even spot some sea lions near the sea if you head to the beach. There is a really cool vibe to this place with the presence of palm trees throughout the pathway. There is also a beautiful flower clock where tourists click pictures. It is believed that whoever gets clicked here is destined to come back one day.


The Bellavista neighborhood is a very amazingly built bohemian area full of pubs, restaurants, and bars for your ultimate nightlife. After you have explored the city in the daytime, its time to head to this place for the best food and drinks! You can simply dance the night away in this lively place. You can even have a nice cup of coffee at this place in the day time and admire the antique mansions of this neighborhood. It features some really unique colonial houses and fantastic graffiti on the streets.

Lastly, do not miss out on the beautiful sunsets of Santiago. Amidst the Andes, you will experience the best sunsets where the mountain becomes pink and gradually turns to orange as the sun goes down. Plan your visit to this place right away and experience the most beautiful time of your life.

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