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Why East Timor should be the next on your travel list?

East Timor is one such place that remains a lesser-known travel destination. But this hidden gem of Southeast Asia has many things to offer to every kind of person. A plethora of options include whale-watching, trekking, diving, beautiful white-sand beaches and stunning mountains driving. As we have mentioned that this place has remained aloof, so the number of tourists is also less at this place. They perhaps do not visit this place as it has an impoverished and an unsettling image. Due to this specific reason, Dili, its capital city receives fewer flights, in turn, increasing the flight prices really high. But now, slowly and steadily, people are recognizing the captivating appeal of the city. So in case, you want to try something that will give you a lifetime memorable experience, then do visit this newest nation of Asia.

Unspoiled Scenery

Most of the area of the country offers gorgeous mountain views and stunning sceneries. But for them, you have to drive up to the winding roads. Do visit the highest point of East Timor that is popularly called as Mount Ramelau. It is situated at a height of 2963 meters and it takes around three hours to hike to the top.

Next, we would recommend you to take a coast drive from Dili to Baucau. The drive only would take you on a beautiful scenic journey. So before beginning the trip, you should take some time off and relax in Maubisse at one of the pousadas. After you reach your destination, spend one of the nights in Baucau. It lies near to its great beaches.

Calm life and Silent Nights

East Timor is one such place that is too laid-back and is often less hectic, less crowded and less built-up than the rest of Southeast Asia. The taxis that move on the roads are so slow that you would find them moving at the speed of 20 kph despite the empty roads. East Timor has experienced a troubled past and slow pace of economic development. We seriously hope that the country becomes more prosperous in the future. And if you are in search of a night of perfect silence, then move outside Dili and book a homestay in the countryside.

Fresh 1$ Coffee

Do you know which is the one thing about East Timor that is popular in the global market? Its indigenous cash crop of coffee that is known as Timor-Leste. The crop is grown on the mountainsides and in the shade of tall trees. The coffee is roasted a little locally but still, sometimes there are issues with its consistency. Many travelers get astonished by learning about the price of the coffee. It costs even less than $1 a day but since 1999 the food and drink price are being highly inflated by the United Nations Missions in the country. The imports are quite expensive but the coffee is a lot cheaper than any other place in the whole of Southeast Asia. In case, you want to witness the coffee-growing areas then move to Ermera that lies an hour away from Dili. It will offer you some of the spectacular scenery of the coffee gardens.

Breathtaking Biking

Car rentals are not that cheap at this place. They start around $70 per day sue to the erratic local driving and sketchy state of the roads. But you need not worry as another great option is available for you. Get a bike and move around the place freely. But you need to be fit for that as there are steeper temperatures and steep climbs at this place. And the best part is biking would provide you with views driving cannot. Traverse the Timorese roads by going on the world’s most arduous bike races, Tour de Timor.

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