Where to stay in London on a budget?

Where to stay in London on a budget?

London has always been a dream city and we call it a priority on the bucket list. A magical place like London attracts most of us because of its unmatched beauty, gothic architecture, countless streets, and beautiful people. London is known for its picturesque locations right outside your apartment. It’s like you look anywhere and there is a touch of beauty. If you happen to visit this place, you will know it’s not only charming but also luxurious. It is expensive and will definitely burn a hole in your pocket. But if you come to think of it, this burning is worth every penny. The views are amazing and commendable that you will die to live there again. So while you are in London, why not look for accommodations that will make you stay affordable as well as memorable?

We have listed some of the best and affordable accommodations in London where you can have a great stay! Read on-

Caring Hotel, London City

All you must have ever wished for is to have an accommodation right in central London and that’s what we have for you. As the name suggests, the Caring Hotel will give you the utmost hospitality and care that you need on a trip. This one offers the most beautiful rooms with super comfortable beds as well as a great breakfast. This might not be the most luxurious one you are looking for but it is definitely one of the most affordable ones in London. If you are traveling on a budget, this is the best pick for you. Giving out a room on 10 pounds or more per night is something you will be thankful for! Save on your accommodation and spend the money elsewhere.

Studyo, Paddington

Paddington in London is the hub of nightlife with the best bars, food, pubs and cute cafes. You will love to stay here in one of the best and cheapest accommodations. This hotel Studyo is a perfect room with homely amenities and that’s why it is called an ‘ApartHotel’ that is apartment cum hotel. This is because it is more like an apartment with a small living room and kitchen as well. You can cook your own meal and feel at home in this hotel. You can make a choice amongst single and double bedrooms along with a TV option. Here you will experience a very homely feel away from home and have great hospitality as well.

Garden Court Hotel, Bayswater

Located in West London, this Garden Court Hotel is a Victorian-style hotel with amazing interiors and exteriors. It looks damn attractive from the outside and has a great appeal as well. Even if you are walking outside, this one is very noticeable for its built. Only minutes away from Hyde Park, it has a prime location with great surroundings as well. We won’t call it that cheap but it is definitely affordable. You can opt for a small as well as a large room according to your preferences and both of them will be worth the cost.

Wombat’s Hostel

Wombats Hotel is probably one of the most interestingly built hotels in London. It is a favorite in London and also one of the most loved chains in many other countries as well. This hostel is great for all those who are traveling on a budget either with friends or solo. You will get good food here and amazing bunkers at affordable prices. The location is great and is primarily located near Tower Bridge and City hall. Now, this is a great feature because you can easily set out from the hotel and explore the city. Also, all those looking for a great nightlife can set out in the night as many pubs and bars are just at a minute distance.

Point A Hotel, Liverpool
Another best one! Located on Liverpool Street, we could not have missed this one from the list. This is one of the prime locations in London with everything nearby so you don’t have to worry about conveyance. It gives the feel of comfort as well as a luxury apartment because of great interiors and lighting. With other amenities like a Tv set, bathroom essentials, and inclusive food, this is a complete package. Save on money and look for this one. Book a room for yourself in advance and enjoy luxury in affordability.

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