Where should you stay in Koh Samui, Thailand

Where should you stay in Koh Samui, Thailand

Thailand’s second-largest island, Koh Samui is known for its palm-tree beaches and penetrating rainforests with some of the most exotic resorts and hotels. The seaside and beachside hotels are a cherry on the cake at this breathtaking island. Expect a lot of luxurious resorts and spas at this beautiful destination because it experiences heavy tourism. Showcasing the typical Thai culture, Koh Samui is a dreamy place and should be a part of your bucket list for the next getaway. The colder months from December to April are a great time to visit this place for the ultimate experience if you love pleasant downpours and sunny days.

Koh Samui holds a surprise for everyone and offers a lot of amazing regions and places to stay. Reside in these areas and explore the best of Koh Samui in your own way-

Chaweng- For nightlife

Chaweng is the biggest and busiest town of Koh Samui. It is one of the most popular places to stay too probably because it is ideal for families, couples, solo travelers and offers great nightlife! If you are visiting Koh Samui, the Chaweng beach is not supposed to be missed out. It is famed for clear white sand and reflecting waters. The town of Chaweng is overstacked with accommodations from luxury to mid-range. You can pick beachside resorts, luxurious villas or a natural treehouse. Chewang overflows with the most trippy nightlife with world-famous beach bars and pubs. This is a treat to the party animal in you! Party all night, lie on the beach, listen to the waves hitting the shore and have a great time! The next time you plan to visit Koh Samui, book your accommodation in this dope town of Chewang.

Bophut- For Authenticity

Every place is known by its culture and values and if you’re planning a trip, always spare some time for the local regions. Sightseeing is a must option but you must explore the local area and get to know the authenticity of a place. If you crave for such cultural aesthetics of any place, stay in Bophut. This town is ideal for families and tops on the list if you want to taste the perfect flavor of Thailand. Koh Samui is an urban island and amidst that, Bophut offers the most impressive sights, homestays and street life. With an average nightlife, Bophut is kid-friendly too. You will find budget-friendly accommodations here and some amazing attractions too. The most famous of them being a 12m tall Buddha statue that can be spotted from every corner on the island.

Lamai- For Honeymoon

Lamai is the second-largest resort area after Chewang. It is also crowded with tourists and we can guess why. The Lamai beach is a fun and playful place with a party vibe, pubs, and bars right on the beach and endless peace of mind. You can enjoy subtle music right on the beach and sink in the peaceful waters of Lamai. For all those looking for accommodation, this town is best suited for honeymooners. This is because it has ideal resorts and villas that offer some of the exotic services to newlywed couples. Couples will find the utmost peace and comfort in the private villas of this town. A lot of spa spots featuring Thai massages are a complement to this place.

Maenam- For Solo Travelers

Solo traveling and backpacking are some of the best things to take on in life. They are adventurous and enthralling to another level and turn out to be one of the most unforgettable experiences of your life. Usually, for solo travelers, cheap accommodation is preferred that offers more services without burning a hole in your account. Maenam does just that! It has the best pocket-friendly resorts and low-cost hotels with complementary food. Also, with adventurous activities like surfing on the beach, golfing and football, it is one of the favorite places to stay in Koh Samui. It is not that ideal for families because there’s not much to see around here but definitely a lot for the wanderer in you.

Choeng Mon- For Water Sports

Choeng Mon is the most ideal place for all those who love to play with the blue waters. This town of Koh Samui offers the most enthralling water sports. It has a lot of quiet beaches as well so all those who want to stay away from the hustle of busy towns, can stay here. Comparing it with other towns of Koh Samui, Choeng Mon is not a very cheap destination. It offers luxurious services in the most expensive accommodations so it is going to cost you a fortune. Everything beautiful comes with a price and this place is live proof of that.

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