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What to pack for a Hill Station?

Planning a vacation always brings so many emotions along. We feel excited and anxious at the same time. Excitement is for the destination we’re going to, the sightseeing spots and how we are going to explore that place. Anxiety happens because we want it to happen soon and perfectly. There is a lot of confusion going on in our mind regarding a lot of things which make us anxious. One of them is the fear of missing out. Missing out on all the essentials that we might need on a trip. And when it’s a trip to the hill station, there are certain ground rules and tips that need to be followed while packing. Most of us end up creating our bags bulky which is definitely not the best thing to do.

So we have narrowed down a list of items and tips on what you must pack for a trip to the hill station. Read on and inculcate them in your packing-


The most important thing you have to pack for a trip to the hill station is a set of warm clothes. Depending on the altitude of your hill destination and the weather conditions, you must go shopping and pack your clothes accordingly. Warm clothes don’t mean you have to carry puffer jackets or fur coats to a moderately cool station. Research about the place you’re going to and then pick what all the pieces you want. Also, pick a variety in your clothing because being fashionable is a must on every trip.


  • For colder places, go for heavy woolens and mufflers or blanket scarfs. Pick your puffer jackets, pullovers, and raincoats for unexpected downpours.

  • Don’t forget to keep your warm socks and keep them in multiple pairs. Other accessories like gloves and beanie hats should also be packed. they keep you warm and also add style to the outfit.

Sturdy pair of WINTER BOOTS

Going to a hill station without the correct pair of shoes is something you cannot afford to do. Hill station trips call for long walks down the road, exploring the forest area, trekking on a hill trail and hiking. For all these fun activities you need to pick a sturdy and long-lasting pair of boots. You need to be comfortable in them all day so avoid picking any heels or platforms. Go for a pair of shoes that have a solid base. If your destination has snow prediction, then pick yourself a pair of snow boots too.



Whenever you’re going on a trip, medicines are the most important thing to put in your bag. And for a hill station trip, it is a must! This is because there is a sudden transition in the weather and sometimes our body fails to accept that change. That’s why most of us end up catching cold or fever on a trip like this one. As the famous saying goes- prevention is better than cure. So pack a medical kit with all the first aid medicines and antiseptics. You don’t want to stay sick during your trip so a first aid box is must, for contingencies!


UMBRELLA for sudden downpours

The most uninvited guest at a hill station is a sudden downpour and snowfall. You will be planning your entire day sitting in the hotel room and before you even know it, it will start raining. Rains are the oldest friends of every hill station and come uninvited all the time. There’s no doubt that the weather becomes extremely pleasant and romantic with rains. You can watch them peacefully dropping on the lush green hills. But the fact is you’re on a trip and you need to get out and explore every bit. So it is best to carry an umbrella and raincoat with you so that you can easily go out and have fun in the rain.


A POWER BANK for the gadgets

Exploring the hill station all day and walking around in the public square and streets, your phone battery is going to die eventually. Then how are you going to capture all the scenic beauty in your camera? Also, the network lines and signals are quite weak uphills which affect battery life. Well, for that you need a power bank at your rescue. With a handy charger, you won’t have the fear of missing out on some of the best scenic views that you were going to capture. Have fun posing and clicking pictures!


You may pack a lot of other things as per requirement but remember to make a compact bag always because you have to carry it yourself!

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