Ways to avoid getting sick after an airplane journey

Ways to avoid getting sick after an airplane journey

It is very easy to get sick after you come back from your vacation. It is quite normal as your body gets exposed to different kinds of environments and circumstances it hasn’t been introduced to before. The tricky part is you never get to know how you got yourself into trouble.
The common part that makes up the journey of everyone is flights. There is a high chance you might face some health issues during the travel as airplanes are enclosed spaces with shared air. So we have given some of the most useful tips to avoid getting sick after an airplane journey.


Stay Hydrated

As airplanes tend to have a dry environment, there are high chances that it will cause trouble for your throat and nose. So if you try to maintain adequate hydration levels of your body, you can easily avoid the overall effects of the journey such as headache, fatigue, cramps, and stomach problems.
It is advised to sip in the water at regular intervals rather than to have a glass or two of it in a single go. Help your system by protecting it from long dry spells. Try to avoid caffeinated drinks and alcohol as it can add to the dehydration levels of your body.


Keep your hands clean.

What makes most of the contact with your body and other things on the plane? Your hands. So it is your foremost responsibility to keep them clean and sanitized. Viruses can easily go from armrest/seatback to fingers to fork to mouth to full-blown fever a few days later. I am sure you would want that to do to yourself. So better be cautious by simply washing your hands with hot water and soap to prevent tiny microorganisms create trouble for you afterward. Make your hands clean before any meal and after your flight as well. It is also important for you to know that tray tables, lavatory flush buttons, overhead air vents, and seatbelt buckles form the dirtiest part of the plane. So keep a hand sanitizer with you to avoid going to the lavatory again and again.


Take Your Vitamins

It has been said that if you start to take vitamins some days before your flight journey, it can help you to prevent cold during your travel. While there is no proven data regarding the same, it might reduce the chances if you take Vitamin C if not preventing it overall. Many travelers swear by them.


Take care of your dental hygiene.

As it is important to keep your hands clean, in a similar way, it is necessary to take care of your oral hygiene during your journey. Try to keep a handy mouthwash with you to add an extra layer of protection in-flight. It also helps in keeping your throat-moist. Make sure to keep a travel-size packaging to comply with the latest carry-on rules for liquids and gels.


Prevent Air-borne Germs

It comes at the top of the list when it comes to the causes of common cold, especially in flights. Nowadays, it has become a common practice to wear face masks if you are already infected or if you want to protect yourself from any infection during the journey. This is one of those effective methods you can use to avoid sickness.

But if you are the one who can’t stand a mask for a long time on your mouth, use your overhead air vent to steer germs away from your face. Place it in an angle so that you can feel its air on your hands when you place them on your lap.

Just go with the saying, ” Prevention is better than cure.”

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