Unmissable Places To Visit in Tuscany

Unmissable Places To Visit in Tuscany

Some places are the essence of your itinerary and the whole purpose of your itinerary seems sketchy without them and, Tuscany is no exception. Planning to visit Italy this place is a definite pin to your bucket list.

Tuscany showers an impeccable charm over its visitant. For years Tuscany has been a hub for painters, photographers, and videographers who have beautifully captured the picturesque images of the expanse. The rolling hills of Tuscany are always viewed as a perfect holiday destination but nestled in those hills are some incredible towns that are an epitome of the stunning Tuscan villages and architecture. It seems like each hill has amassed serene vistas to capture your mind and imagination.

The dramatic religious buildings, museums filled with the wealth-it’s everything you want from Italy. Tuscany’s main towns and cities are the perfect definition of living history with a blend of novelty. The place has so much to offer but surely you can’t visit them all. We have picked the best of Tuscany that you can’t miss to treat yourself with.


Florence- the capital city

Florence is the metropolis of the Tuscany. Visiting the city is like folding the palpable sense of history reflected on every street corner. It’s the thriving buzzing heart of Tuscany that certainly deserves a spot at the top of any places to visit in Tuscany. Hardly any city that can rival the sheer beauty of the place. Walking around the city is like you have stepped in a book where every second an indelible experience fills your soul.

One of the most iconic sites is the Duomo, a cathedral with a terracotta-tiled dome and a bell tower by Giotto. Home to some of the most idyllic sites that evince the art, culture, local life, appetizing cuisine, and Architecture. Told you- it’s everything you want from Italy.

The Palazzo Vecchio- the highlight of Renaissance architecture, and a history to match- it’s stood here since 1299. The nearby shop-lined bridge, the Ponte Vecchio, also affords a classic Florentine view. The site is perfect for upscale shopping too. The food of Florence is all about steak and gelato. The city serves the most exclusive gastronomic delights. Latini and L’Osteria are classic restaurants in which you can savor the cuisine of the place.
Don’t blame yourself if you didn’t ever want to leave Florence, but the rest of Tuscany awaits.



Another town that set out to capture your imagination. You will question yourself about the existence of the place that you have only seen in fairytales. The city is best known for its iconic leaning tower, tilting since 1372. Rises next to the tower is the 56m white-marble cylinder the bell tower of the Romanesque, a striped-marble cathedral. The Duomo, Baptistery, and Camposanto are some of the greatest architectural projects of the region which will surely impress you. Ahead of Pisa Tower, you will find a buzzing student town with a gorgeous historical center, high-quality local restaurants, and small squares that are perfect for a photo-walk.



Siena is a precious gem embellished in Tuscan. The place dwells some of the splendiferous vistas that urge you every time for another photograph. The place is declared a UNESCO world heritage site. The Palio, the city’s biggest claim to fame is the horse race that thunders around the central Piazza del Campo biannually. You can spend your days having a tranquil walk around the center of the city and still come away in awe.



The town is a treat for both peace-lovers and peacemakers. The small town of Cortona nestled at the hilltop is exquisite when you want to peacefully enjoy the scenic beauty of the town from the top of a hill. The place is pleasantly dozy around the year, except the week surrounding Ascension Day when the whole town bursts into revelry completed with a crossbow competition on the final day. You can’t miss adventuring that.

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