Unmissable places to explore in Chile

Unmissable places to explore in Chile

Stretching along the western edge of South America, Chile is an approximately 2700-mile-long and narrow country that also features more than 6,000 km of Pacific Ocean coastline. Aside from its bountiful natural beauty and breathtaking landscapes, the country is ubiquitously known for its awe-inspiring geographical features, and that can easily be portrayed through some of the fabulous places Chile is home to. No matter which direction you go in, you will always find something worth admiring, and that’s a part of Chile’s charm. Almost every tourist place in the country exudes majestic and quirky vibes, which makes the whole expedition even more exhilarating and illuminating.

Chile is an incredibly attractive nation, the presence of some outstandingly gorgeous places make this place all the more alluring and charming, which is sufficient to win any tourist over, hence why Chile has always been on almost every traveler’s bucket list for so many years. If you have been planning a visit to Chile, make sure to add these remarkable and incredibly charming places to your itinerary to ensure you get to see only the best of this country.


Torres Del Paine National Park

Torres Del Paine National Park is arguably one of the best places in Chile. It is a popular tourist place in the country that boasts of innumerable lakes, mountains, glaciers, and rivers. It is definitely a place you cannot miss out on exploring. There are multiple hiking trails in this park that can vary from a day hike to a multi-day hike. Although the hiking can be pretty strenuous and demanding, the towering peaks of Torres and its incredible beauty would make all the efforts worth it.


Rapa Nui National Park

Rapa Nui National Park is a remote location on the world’s most remote island, Easter Island. The park comprises of 900 Moai statues. Visitors can either take a walk or drive around the park to discover the statues with ginormous heads and mysterious history. Ahu Tongariki is one of the island’s most popular attractions that feature an impressive collection of 15 Moai statues sitting on the platform. It is one of the finest places in Chile, missing out on this place is like missing out on the opportunity to discover something out of ordinary.



Santiago, the capital city of Chile, definitely deserves a spot on your bucket list. If you want to explore Chile’s city life, Santiago is the place you should explore. It is home to a plethora of museums, cultural centers, and galleries. It is a perfect getaway destination for those seeking to spend some time by the coast or in the mountains. Additionally, you can also indulge in some shopping or eating delicious meals at Santiago’s best restaurants.


Atacama Desert

The country’s diverse geographical features are one of its best highlights. If you are seeking an adventure beyond the coast or the mountains, exploring the Atacama Desert is possibly your safest bet, which also happens to be the driest place on earth. The view of the desert looks no less than some shot straight out of a sci-fi movie. The mesmerizing and magnificent landscape in combination with soothing thermal baths and breathtaking sunset makes the entire experience incredibly phenomenal and spectacular.



Nestled between the sea and the coastal mountain range, Valparaiso is Chile’s third-largest city, which is mostly known for its bohemian vibe and lifestyle. The colorful houses and countless graffiti play a huge role in the quaint appearance of the city. In addition to exploring the streets of the city, you can also visit some of its lovely beaches and harbors that host plenty of fun activities.

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