Travel Vaccination Recommendations By WHO

Travel Vaccination Recommendations By WHO

When you plan for a holiday, you plan for a number of things such as shopping for your vacation, booking the right hotels, getting the right tickets and planning a great trip. Amidst so many things, one thing that is quite often forgotten about is the health concern.

Different countries may have exposure to different diseases due to different climatic conditions. Hence, it is important to have knowledge about it beforehand. World Health Organization has made this mandatory for the tourists to get vaccinated according to the countries that they are traveling.

Important Vaccinations Required

When you are about to get a visa for a particular country, the authorities will have a check whether you have got vaccinations as per the requirements in the country. For example, if you are traveling to Nigeria, it is important that you get a vaccination of Yellow Fever. Similarly, there are different vaccinations that have been finalized by the WHO. These are:

  • Hepatitis A,

  • Hepatitis A and B combined,

  • Polio,

  • Typhoid,

  • Yellow Fever,

  • Anthrax,

  • Japanese Encephalitis,

  • Rabies.

You should check with the travel agents regarding the vaccinations that you need to take while you are traveling a particular country.

Other Health Concerns

Apart from the vaccinations, there are also a number of health concerns that you should take care of while traveling internationally. There are some of the countries where you may not need to take a vaccination but you need to carry proper medicines so that you do not catch up with the most common diseases out there. Some of the diseases, against which you need to take precautions, are:

  • Malaria,

  • Motion Sickness,

  • Traveler’s Diarrhea,

  • Dengue Fever.

Again, the travel agent will be the best person to know about which medicines you should carry and what the symptoms of such health issues are.

When you travel to an international place, it is for your pleasure and vacation. You will never wish to get a disease that can be killing or that can ruin your holiday plans. Hence, it is always necessary to be equipped so that you can beat up any of such health problems.

The organization WHO has set up some of the vaccinations accordingly to different countries so that visitors traveling that particular place can stay safe from the possible diseases of that particular country. Also, it is a great idea to take advice from 2-3 places to know exactly about the precautions that you should take up.

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