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Travel tips that will come handy when visiting Ireland

Nothing feels more exciting than visiting a new place or a foreign land. While the idea of traveling to an unknown land always seems fun and exhilarating, it can also turn to be an unpleasant vacation if you are not careful with certain things. Learning a few things about the place you’re going to visit is always a wise thing to do as it helps you to have a hassle-free time. It merely takes a few seconds for things to go wrong and you getting caught up in a situation which isn’t exactly delightful, to say the least. No matter when or where you’re traveling, if it’s your first time visiting that particular destination, getting acquainted with a few things prior to your trip can always prove to be rewarding.

Similarly, if it’s your first time visiting Ireland, then you must know about a few traveling tips that will ease your trip and make sure that you have a fun and memorable time in the land of lush greenery and Guinness.

Ireland is split into two

For those who didn’t know, Ireland is split into two different countries; Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. While Northern Ireland forms a part of the UK, the Republic of Ireland is an independent nation and it covers the maximum area in Ireland. Since both countries are separated from each other despite being situated on the same land, you can expect to see some major differences in terms of lifestyle, currency, and most importantly their political system.

Since Northern Ireland forms a part of the UK, Ireland’s official currency which is euro won’t work within this region. They only accept pounds sterling, so if you are planning to visit Northern Ireland, make sure to bring along some pound sterling with you. You can always withdraw local currency using international bank cards in ATMs. Also, when it comes to grocery shopping, you will find a significant difference in the bills of both countries. Northern Ireland charges much lesser than the republic of Ireland.

Rent a car to see the country

Renting a car is arguably the best way to explore the country. Although the country happens to have an excellent public transport system that can take you through some of the most popular attractions, you can also consider taking the offbeat path by renting a car and visiting the hidden gems of the country. You should also know that people in Ireland drive their cars on the left side and let them pass through the right side. Also, try to rent a smaller car as the roads in Ireland can be narrow and winding.

Tipping culture
Unlike the States, Ireland people don’t believe to go big with tipping. Although some restaurants with table services will require you to tip between 10 to 12 percent which is given to the waiter, you don’t necessarily have to tip the bartenders or taxi drivers unless you feel that they have gone above and beyond your expectations. Most restaurants include service charges to the bill already so you don’t have to tip additionally.

Always flag down your bus

You may be used to having buses stop at the bus stops on their own but in Ireland; it’s not actually the same. The buses won’t stop until you flag them down. Flagging down indicates that you want to hop on the bus, therefore, the next time you want to take a ride on the bus and see it approaching, make sure to flag them down even if you are at a designated stop. Also, it’s quite common for Irish people to thank the bus drivers when they depart one; it is taken as a kind gesture.

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