Travel-items to carry for sustainable and Eco-friendly journey

Travel-items to carry for sustainable and Eco-friendly journey

The sector of travel and tourism is flourishing like crazy, and we cannot help but wonder what the shortcomings of such increased travel of tourists to different countries are. There are a lot many factors that are leading to become a great concern, but the major and the most growing concern is the environment. Yes, our mother nature is suffering, and we all are equally responsible for that in one way or another. Utilizing single-use items are one of the major causes behind all the bad things happening to the environment. Single-use items are not only a great threat to the environment, but they are equally hazardous for all the living beings out there. Before anything else, it should be our first duty to serve the Mother Nature and protect it against all the things that can pose a threat to it. And the first step is to become more eco-friendly and less single-use. It has become the need of the hour that we become responsible travelers and travel more responsibly to keep our environment safe. Even the smallest efforts made by us can make a huge impact on the environment, and there can be no better start to it than today.

By just swapping some of your single-use items, you can easily bring the change and also influence your fellow travelers to become more eco-friendly. We have made a list of 5 items that you can swap with more eco-friendly pieces during your expedition.

Not to use: plastic water bottle

To use: metal bottle

The use of plastic is becoming a growing concern all over the world. However, today people have become more aware of certain drawbacks of using plastic and have been more responsible while making use of it. But there are still some sections of people who need to understand the urgency of not making the use of plastic. All those plastic water bottles that are not only expensive but are also contributing to the suffering of the environment should completely be ditched for metal bottles that you can easily refill as you travel along. They look fun, colorful, and, most importantly, are eco-friendly and keep the water cool for up to 48 hours. Now, this sounds promising. You can easily keep it in the side pocket of your bag and can be carried conveniently during your summer holidays.

Just in case if you are traveling to a part of the country where the tap water is unfit and unsafe to consume, then you can buy large 2-5 liters bottles and put them to your hotel room. You can fill your bottles from there and also don’t forget to recycle the plastic bottles after using them.

Not to use: plastic straws

To use: metal straws

Anything that is plastic can pose a threat to the environment. Just like plastic bottles, plastic straws should also be completely avoided. However, most of the restaurants, cafes, shops, serve their drinks with plastic straws in them. You can still enjoy your cocktails with a straw in it as long as it’s made of metal. Carry a metal straw of your own, and you can show the waiter or the shop owner that you have bought your own straw and won’t be needing any plastic in your drink.

Not to use: plastic bag

To use: tote bag

Canvas tote bags are not only eco-friendly in nature, but they are also a great accessory that you can easily carry along. If you are planning to go on a shopping spree or to buy some grocery then instead of taking a plastic bag, carry a canvas tote bag. These bags come in all different patterns and sizes; you can opt for any bag that feels the best to you. It’s very easy to carry in your travel bag by folding it up in the bottom of the bag.

Not to use: coffee cups

To use: reusable cups

Whether you are exhausted, or in need of some serious energy boost, coffee always comes to rescue. It is a necessity and that too for a lot of people. If your day doesn’t start without having a cup of coffee, then you are in a serious need of a reusable cup that is not only eco-friendly but can also keep you sorted throughout your journey. If you haven’t had one of such cups already, then you can purchase it from the destination as it will be a great way of reminiscing your travel. You can opt for a collapsible cup that will slot straight into the bag, especially when space is the issue.

Not to use: hotel minis

To use: soap and shampoo bars

Most of the hotels offer their own mini shampoos and soaps, but in reality, they are a complete waste of resources. You can bring along your own shampoo and soap bars. And if space is an issue, then you can cut the bars into smaller pieces so that it’s more convenient to carry and use them. It is a great eco-friendly swap which will also provide you with more space in your liquid bag if you have a carry-on while you travel.

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