Tour around the Wild Rose Country: Alberta 

Tour around the Wild Rose Country: Alberta 

Alberta dwells some of the most spectacular mountains, prairies, and desert badlands, ancient glaciers, vast coniferous forests, landscapes, rich history, wild rose, and culture of adventure. This is where the prairies meet the mountains, and spectacular snow-capped peaks dominate the skyline. Alberta is the 6th largest province of Canada: a home to some of Canada’s most impressive scenery and five UNESCO World heritage sites. The main cities in Alberta province are Calgary and Edmonton. The sights in Alberta attest to the power of nature. Clasped by the Rocky Mountains, Alberta is an illusion for the sightseer and surely will spellbind you.

The Canadian province has pretty unique things to do that you won’t find anywhere else in Canada. This feed provides you with top attractions that for sure are your bucket list-worthy.


Drumheller is a town, located in southern Alberta, Canada. The town of Drumheller is stacked with a rich and unique heritage. The place is an assemblage of high concentration of dinosaur fossils and thus is called the dinosaur capital of the world. Drumheller has a secret too! The place showcases hoodoos. Hoodoos take millions of years to form. They are a sandstone pillar resting a thick base of shale. This natural wonder unfolds the secrets of nature that the world is blessed with and is definitely worth watching. World’s largest dinosaur is another place to explore when you visit Drumheller; it has a spray park and a 105 ft tall sculpture of dinosaur, which you can step at. In case, you’re traveling with your kids do halt at this place it would be a fun place for your kids. Last but not least is the; Canadian Badlands Passion Play a prehistoric attraction. The place has a hidden valley where ancient Israel was reborn. The play staged here on the resurrection of Jesus Christ will surely move you with laughter and tears.

Athabasca Glacier

Athabasca glacier brims with epic landscapes, snow-capped peaks and fresh crisp air that will just blow you away. The ice field of Athabasca proffers an awesome experience with the enormous glaciers, huge mountains, and pure blue water that are a treat for your senses. You can take a bus ride here to reach the ice field, which is not so expensive.

Glom the pace at Lake Louise 

 Lake Louise is one of the most ideal sights in Alberta. It’s a glacial lake in the Rocky Mountains that usually casts a lively shade of blue-green. Lake Louis is a great base for adventure within Banff National Park and is the perfect first sight to stop in Alberta. The Plain of Six Glaciers hike at the lake is spectacularly beautiful and a great way to escape the crowd. You can even have a photo walk around the Lake Louise and you can even rent red canoes in the summer, go for ice-skating in the winters, and hike or horse ride to tea houses situated in the nearby mountains.

Banff Upper Hot Springs

The Banff Upper Hot Springs is the best way to connect with the Canadian Rocky Mountains. You can get soaked at the thermal warmth offered by the Banff Upper Hot Springs. The hot springs are a great way to refresh you, with a gust of fresh crisp mountain air.This has become a popular tourist destination, where a busload of people visits every year. The pool is outdoors with a very scenic view. It is one of the most inexpensive ways to have fun and soothe away all the travel fatigue.

Behold frozen waterfalls in Johnston Canyon

 You can hike through the Johnston Canyon to explore the frozen waterfalls. The waterfalls are so spectacular to experience. Johnston is located in Banff city of the town Alberta, Canada. The charm of Johnston Canyon’s frozen waterfall is a clear testimony that not only summers but winters in Banff too are beautiful, with plenty of outdoor activities to glide on.

If you yearn for adventure where ever you travel, then this place is packed with so many surprises that will surely chill down your spine. The place is even perfect for beginners to ice climbing. So, lads do plan to chase these magnificent waterfalls the next time you plan your itinerary to Canada.

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