Top reasons why Cuba should be next on your bucket list

Top reasons why Cuba should be next on your bucket list

Ever since Cuba re-established its diplomatic relations with the US, the country has started to gain quite a reputation among the tourists and has successfully managed to become one of the most popular tourist destinations. Besides the fact that Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean, it is also home to a plethora of attractions that are worth exploring. From scenic beaches and delectable food to stunning landscapes and colorful architecture, everything about this place is simply fascinating and these reasons are plenty enough for anyone to visit Cuba and admire it for its unspoiled beauty.

Visiting Cuba can be a one-of-a-kind experience and if you have been contemplating visiting this country but can’t seem to convince yourself then you should continue reading the article as we have jotted down a list of few reasons that will certainly persuade you into visiting this country real soon.


The country remains unspoiled to date

In today’s time, it’s very rare to find a destination that still has a very authentic travel experience to offer and Cuba does quite well on this front. Cuba might be a developed country but it still has a long way to go especially now that it has re-established its diplomatic relations with the US, it’s not far long when chain corporations such as Starbucks and McDonalds will start establishing themselves within the country. Due to increased tourism in the country, Cuba might not remain the same place it used to be before in some years and this is exactly the right time for you to explore the colorful country for its colonial cities and white sand beaches that are sure to blow your mind away.


Colorful architecture

Cuba is a vibrant and colorful country and this can be attributed to the beautiful architecture scattered across the cities. The country is mostly recognized for its stunning skyline and amazing landscapes and that thing is quite evident from their beautiful architecture that keeps changing every few miles. The tall, differently shaped colorful buildings make for a stunning view and they beautifully add to the enchanting appeal of the country.


Display of vintage cars

One of the best highlights of Cuba is its collection of vintage cars. The streets of Cuba remain filled with old American cars. Everywhere you see, you will find some colorful, vintage cars riding on the streets, and this view can never get tiring. Every owner takes pride in these vintage cars and they know their way around these old cars without having to use original spare parts. All the collection of cars makes for a living car museum that feels no less than a dream. You can also take a ride in these cars and they are incredibly easy to find.


Beautiful Cuban beaches

Cuba is an island nation which makes it quite obvious that you can easily find a myriad of stunning beaches in the country. Cuba is known to comprise some of the most gorgeous beaches in the region that feature crystal clear waters and fine, soft sand. There are about 300 beaches in total in the country and each one of them is unique and picturesque in its own way. If you have been wanting to spend a day by the beach then playa los flamenco, player pilar, playa ancon are some of the best beaches to explore.


Fantastic weather

Except for January, February, and March (cold season), the country sees very pleasant weather throughout the year. Cuba is known to have a warm and subtropical climate which makes it an ideal spot for someone who has been craving summer warmth and plenty of sunlight. For the most time, the days remain sunny here, meaning that you will have plenty of opportunities to bask in the sun by the beach or swimming pool.

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