Top most foodie towns in China you can’t miss

Top most foodie towns in China you can’t miss

You are visiting China, then how can you even miss the most exquisite Chinese food? Food is a major part every traveler is looking for. Apart from the popular cities of Shangai and Beijing, there are other hidden gems that you need to explore where an altogether different world of Chinese delicacies awaits a true foodie. Pay a visit to the following cities listed below to experience a wide range of Chinese dishes at the most popular destinations.

Lanzhou, Gansu Province

It is one of the cities that is totally adored by the foodies because of its hand-pulled beef noodles. Apart from this thing, Lanzhou had one of the liveliest street markets you would have ever seen. You would see more than100 street food stalls to the west of the city center. It is famously known by the name of Zhengning Lu bazaar. The most prominent here is the local Hui cuisine that offers you a wide range of cold and hot dishes. The highlights of the place include flaky pastry, hot bowls of nai zhou, whole grilled fish, etc. But you certainly can’t mark your trip as a wholesome one if you don’t have its pulled noodles. Eat them at Wumule Penhui. It is quite famous and has also won the annual pulled noodle competition of the city.

Chengdu, Sichuan Province

If you are the one who hops on spicy food with no first thought, then head to the capital of Sichuan Province, Chengdu. Here you will get the best fiery hot pot dishes with the most popular ingredient Sichuan pepper. The hot and spicy dishes are usually layered with sour, sweet and salty flavors making them all more relishing for foodies. In case, you are looking for something that is not spicy at all, then go and taste the beer-braised duck.

And when we talk about the high-end restaurants Chef Yu Bo is a must-try. This amazing place cooks the most delicious Sichuan food with the creative presentations you would have ever seen. Dishes like crispy ginseng root, spiced mung bean jelly are some of its best ones.

Turpan, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region

The cuisine, this place is famous for is the traditional Uyghur food. It serves the best one in the whole Xinjiang province. Although it is a laid back town, you would find a variety of fine open-air restaurants next to the main bazaar. Do you know where did the famous hand-pulled noodles and whole roast lamb originated? It was in this Muslim northwest town of China. And you definitely can’t afford to miss the ‘large flatbreads’ of Xinjiang. They are super tasty and are locally called as nang. When you go through its stalls, you would find many central Asian delicacies such as lamb kawop, banshi, lamp perfectly marinated on yogurt and saffron.

Guangzhou, Guangdong Province

This place is the one where the Cantonese cuisine was originated. It is often said that Cantonese people are one of those that can eat literally anything. We mean that they can eat anything that is alive and has four legs. They often make both foreigners as well as Chinese shock by their actions. But it is surely one of those cities that has a passionate food culture. The local cuisine is something that represents seafood, fresh clean flavors, and barbecued meats. Relish these super-delicious dishes along with the traditional tea, Yum cha.

Changsha, Hunan Province

This last place on our list that lies in central China is the capital of the Hunan province. Changsha is known for its Xiang cuisine that comprises the Eight delicious cuisines of China. The appearance of the dishes is quite fine and delicate but they taste super spicy and hot. The most popular ones include Zuyan Shark’s Fin, Dove and Sparrow, and Spicy Young Chicken.

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