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Top 9 NYC restaurants to have vegetarian food

Delicious food is one thing everyone craves for especially when on a vacation. What could be a better place than New York to make your taste buds tickle!
The restaurants in New York offer all kinds of food from gluten-free to paleo to vegan and vegetarian. It has always been a difficult task for a person to find vegetarian food in the city but there surely are a good number of places in the city where you can dine-in and enjoy. You can find some of the places below-


Beyond Sushi

Sushi person! Then you have come to the right place as you will get to enjoy probably the best sushi you will ever taste. This restaurant stands out as it creatively uses plant-based food like charred corn, curried cauliflower in its sushi instead of traditional ingredients. It is one of the healthy-on-go lunch or dinner you can have. It also serves ravioli, lurid beet dumplings, ramen, noodle salads, giant roasted cauliflower heads, and soups. They keep on changing their menu with changing seasons.



Situated in Manhattan’s Midtown, it is the only place where you can enjoy Shojin ryori, an ancient vegetarian Buddhist diet. It is often said that modern-day Japanese cooking originated from this cuisine. The peaceful and its sparse interior make the whole experience a Divine one. The simplicity of this place is its biggest lure.



It is one of the pick-up places and is among New York’s preferred falafels. It is a gluten-free Israeli restaurant that offers falafel in three flavors- traditional, kalamata olive, and Tunisian spices. They offer sandwiches, fries, platters which you can pair up with a refreshing drink like date-lime-banana smoothie or ginger-mint lemonade.



This Michelin star restaurant is the first fully veg-only restaurant from acclaimed chef John Fraiser. You can spot various dishes like tangy labneh and spiced eggplant served with tandoori bread; tofu-skin pockets served with tomatillo-pepita salsa and sweet potato; soft steamed buns served with house pickles and crackly cauliflower tempura.


Superiority Burger, East Village

As reflected by its name, this place is popular for its super delicious burgers. The sides like the tahini ranch romaine salad and the frozen desserts it offers will definitely be the things you crave for. This ultra-tiny burger joint helmed by Chef Brooks Headley is located in the East Village of NYC. The veggie burger comes with a squat patty made of walnuts, quinoa, and chickpeas.


Avant Garden, East Village

You can get here some amazing mouth-watering pasta dishes, cold starters, and some outstanding toasts. The menu of the toast section includes mushroom toast with onion marmalade; a sun choke toast with pickled pear and pistachios. This is probably one of the only places in the city that does not use meat substitutes and maintains the originality of the veggies.


Dirty Candy

This place offers both a five-course menu and a ten-course making it a place to have that special occasion dinner. There is no set menu for the place as they keep making changes to make it more interesting. Some of the popular dishes offered by the place are Korean fried broccoli, brussels sprouts tacos, jalapeño hush puppies, a tower of vegetables and seaweed caviar.


Modern Love Brooklyn

This place offers vegan versions of various cuisines such as Italian, Jewish, Southern and Jamaican. Light on the pocket, this place offers a range of dishes. Mac & cheese with tofu and barbecue-flavored cauliflower; cashew mozzarella sticks; buffalo cauliflower wings with avocado ranch are some of them which you will find on their menu.


Bunna Cafe

This restaurant in Bushwick offers authentic Ethiopian food. It is ideal for people who want to go for stews and vegetables such as red lentils in berbere sauce, mashed yellow split peas, mashed yellow split peas, and sautéed beets which are generally served with flat Ethiopian bread called injera.

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