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Top 10 Places To Visit In USA

When it is about listing the top 10 places to visit in the USA, it is going to be a really tough task. The place is filled with wonders and hence it can be really difficult to choose the ones that can be said as the best in comparison to the others.

But still, to name a few, here is a list of the top 10 places to visit in the USA.

Grand Canyon

To have a view of the most stunning views of the USA, you have to be at the Grand Canyon. The pictures on the internet will seem to be not doing justice to the place if you once visit the National Park and view the beauty with your own sight.


Another National Park that is a must visit while you are having a trip to the US. There are so many things to explore here such as geysers, hot springs and it is a great place for the hikers. Even the animal lovers can have an experience of the local wildlife here.


If you are a nature lover, this can be the exact destination for you. You can have a nice view of nature and can go hiking. If you are done with the Yosemite National Park, you can soon make a trip to the nearby places such as Sacramento and others.

San Francisco

The city is ruled by multiple culture and group of people. It is a lovely experience to meet up with varied people and knows about them. If you really wish to know about the diverse culture of the place, prefer stopping at different places.


Honolulu is Oahu is known to be a place that does not have any specific time of visit. You can plan a trip to this place of beaches and city life at any time of the year. All you experience will be great weather every time and a great life in the city.

New York City

New York is one of the most modern cities in the USA and when you are here you can have a visit to a number of theaters or museums and even go shopping. If you are a food lover, this place is going to offer you a wide range of choices. In case if you have got tired of being in the city for a long time now, you can also get indulged in a number of other things such as visiting Central Park.

Washington, D.C.

The capital city has a lot to offer after New York City. Here also you can have some of the best museums and also can go and visit some of the most iconic landmarks that talk about the history of America. After you had a day trip of the city, by the evening, you can spend a relaxing time in a restaurant or can try some sips in a bar and Washington has a number of them.

San Diego

San Diego has been attracting a good number of tourists due to a wide number of factors such as its natural elements, outdoor activities and also a good number of dining options within the city.


If you are a beach person, you cannot miss out on Miami. During the day, you can have some amazing adventures on the coast while as the sun sets you can have fun with the nightlife of the place.


Nature lovers will simply fall in love with this place. Oak trees covering the roads, horse carriage rides, and many historical attractions also very nicely picture out the traditional side of the USA.

As mentioned above, the list of 10 is not enough to justify the beauty of the country. There are so many other places that can be included such as Denver, Seattle, New Orleans, and many others.

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