Top 10 Most Popular Amusement Parks In The World

Top 10 Most Popular Amusement Parks In The World

People have been always attracted to amusements parks due to the thrilling adventure and amazing excitements offered. The need for the rush in the adrenaline makes a number of people to try out some of the most dangerous rides in different amusement parks across the world.

If you are among such people, you may wish to know some of the most popular amusement parks that exist. Here is a list of the most popular amusement parks in the world.

Disneyland in Paris

When it comes to huge rides and a lifetime experience, nothing can beat Disneyland in Paris. Whether it is about the castles or the roller coasters or any other rides, it is always fun to be in the midst of your favorite characters such as Mickey, and others. It is also the biggest amusement park in the world and you may have to spend a day or two to explore the whole experience out here.

Universal Studios in Singapore

This can be said as one of its kind theme park in the whole of Asia. The amusement park is divided into seven different theme parks such as Hollywood, Sci-Fic, and many others. Among these theme parks, there are over 24 different attractions available. This is the reason may be, this amusement park is known to be the best amusement parks in the world as of now.

Pleasure Beach in the United Kingdom

If you are visiting the United Kingdom during the summers, having a trip to this amusement park should be one of the things that you need to do. Some of the amazing things that you can have in this amusement park are the Nickelodeon Land, the Hot Ice, and many others.

Gardaland in Italy

Italy also is home to one of the best amusement parks in the world. The best part of this park is that you will not get bored for even a single second. The Black Hole, Raptor, Blue Tornado, and many other rides are there to be enjoyed here in this amusement park.

The Magic Kingdom in Florida

Walt Disney has an amusement park in Florida in the name of Magic Kingdom. Just like Disneyland, Magic Kingdom also lets you meet your favorite characters. Some of the options that you can have here are the Cinderella castle, Fantasyland, Liberty Square, and many others.

Port Aventura in Spain

This is known to be one of the most visited amusement parks in the world. This is an iconic amusement park of Europe as it is based on a number of civilizations such as China, Mexico, Far West, and many others.

Walibi in Belgium

Whether you are going out with your friends or with your friends, Walibi in Belgium can be the best amusement parks to go for. This park is known to have the best roller coaster across the world along with a number of amusements such as Gold River Adventure, Vampire and Dalton Terror, and many others.

Shanghai Disneyland in China

There is something about Disneyland that it gets famous wherever it is. Again the Disneyland in Shangai is known to be the most visited amusement parks in the world. Some of the delights of the park are Mickey Avenue, Treasure Cove, and others.

Europa Park in Germany

The amusement park in Germany as the fairy tale park and is best for the kids. It has some of the best options such as wild water rides, fairyland, and many others.

Wonderla in India

Bangalore in India introduces Wonderla that shows a perfect combination of fun, wildlife, and food. This is the reason; it is an attraction point to a number of travelers across the world.

Wish to have an adventure time with friends and family? Choose your destination from the above amusement parks.

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