Top 10 Festivals Of The World

Top 10 Festivals Of The World

Festivals are an integral part of life because they not only offer you a holiday from your work but also bring in new joy and energy in your life. Meeting friends and spending quality time with your family are some of the basic things that can be fulfilled even in the hectic schedule of today’s lifestyle, thanks to the festivals.

There are so many festivals that are celebrated each year across the world. Here is a glimpse at the top 10 festivals that are being celebrated by people at different parts of the world.

Rio Carnival in Ri de Janeiro

Rio Carnival is known as the largest carnival festival across the world. The festival lasts for about 5 days and happens exactly 40 days prior to Easter. This is the festival when the true colors and culture of Brazil can be seen when about a million people come up on the streets of Ri de Janeiro. People sing, dance and enjoy themselves. Also, different samba schools pick up different themes and perform.

Burning Man Festival in The United States

The Burning Man festival takes place in Nevada and continues for a week. Different people from the country arrive here to show off their artwork. The festival is known to depict the inner qualities of gift giving and cooperation. The best thing about the festival is that when everyone leaves the place to go back home, there is no trace left behind and this is a way to learn to save nature.

Holi in India

The Hindu festival Holi is not limited to one particular religion now. The whole country celebrates this festival of color today with great joy and happiness. The day before Holi is the Holika Dehen that depicts the burning of the evil and beginning of a new year. The next day is the day of Holi when people play with different colors and share sweets with each other.

La Tomatina in Spain

This can be said to be the most popular festival that almost everyone knows by now. The La Tomatina festival is celebrated in Bunol town of Spain in the month of August when people throw tomatoes on each other. Of course, there are a set of rules that the participants do need to follow in order to have a safe enjoyment.

Oktoberfest in Germany

This is known to be the largest funfair in the world that takes place in Munich city. Tourists are welcomed with a lot of fun-filled options such as amusement games and rides, traditional food, and lots of beer. It is said that only sex breweries are allowed to serve beer for this festival.

Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta in the United States

Since the year 1972, New Mexico has been celebrating the largest hot air balloon festival each year. The festival lasts for about nine days and there are a number of colorful balloons that can be seen in the sky. This festival is also known to be the most photogenic festival across the globe.

Carnival of Venice in Italy

This beautiful carnival festival from Italy is known for its amazing masks that are put on by the people taking part in the carnival. The grand carnival takes place for about 2 weeks and people wear masks and throw perfumed eggs on each other.

Lantern Festival in Taiwan

This is the most important festivals that take place in Taiwan on the first full moon each year. The sky is filled with thousands of lanterns of different resemblances such as animals or flowers or others. The main lantern is just in the form of the Chinese zodiac of that particular year.

International Sand Sculpture Festival in Portugal

This is the largest sculpture event that takes place in Portugal since the year 2003. Each year almost 40000 tons of sand is used to create as many as 50 huge sculptures.

Harbin International Snow and Ice Sculpture Festival in China

After the sand sculpture, snow sculpture is also another attractive festival that takes place in China. Apart from the sculpture competition, there are other activities that also do takes place such as winter swimming, ice lantern shows, and others.

Festivals are beautiful and are celebrated throughout the world. This can be easily depicted and understood by these amazingly lovely festivals from different corners of the world.

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