Top 10 Famous Statues Of The World

Top 10 Famous Statues Of The World

Statues are there to represent a culture and to depict a story about anyone. Moreover, it is the heritage and culture of a country that needs to be cherished. Here is a list of top 10 famous statues of the world.

Statue Of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty has an amazing story of human relationships and freedom. It was gifted by France to the United States on the 100years anniversary of Declaration of Freedom. It is situated in Manhattan and is a symbol of freedom. Today, it has become an important sign through which the world knows New York City in the United States.

Christ The Redeemer

It is again one of the most famous statues in the world and is located in Rio De Janeiro. It was constructed in the year 1922-31 and the two main ingredients used in this are soapstone and concrete. The 30 meters tall statue is about 635 metric tons in weight. As of now, it is the fifth largest statue of Christ in the world and has become one of the most eminent attractions of Brazil.

The Great Sphinx Of Giza

The largest monolith statue of the world is all made up of limestone and depicts a mythical representation that has the head of a human and a body of a lion. Located in the Giza Plateau of Egypt, this is known to be one of the attractions that people wish to see while they visit Egypt. It is said that the statue was created by the Egyptians somewhere in between 2558 BC to 2532 BC.


These are monolithic statues carved by the Rapa Nui people in the Easter Island, Chile. It is said that the construction of the statues must have been done somewhere around 1250 to 1500 years. The special feature of these Moai statues is that the heads are much larger in comparison to the overall body. The largest moai is off about 10 meters and is named Paro. There is another unfinished sculpture that could have gone about 21 meters if completed.

Little Mermaid

It is a bronze statue of the mermaid that sits on a rock by a waterfront in Copenhagen, Denmark. The statue was created by Edvard Eriksen and is one of the most beautiful and popular sculptures of the world. It is about 1.25 meters long and has a weight of about 175 kgs.

David Statue

This is a preserved status from the Renaissance period. It was created by the famous artist Michelangelo between 1501 to 1504. The male nude statue of marble stands about 17 feet and has been placed in the Accademia Gallery of Florence from the year 1873. The statue actually depicts the mythical hero David.

The Thinker

This is another bronze sculpture that sits on a stone pedestal. The marvelous statue was created by Auguste Rodin and is located at the center of the city in Paris. The statue is that of a nude man who is thinking with his chin on his hands. It is surrounded by gardens and an area that is a great place for you to have a walk through your family of friends. Also, it is a great attraction for the tourists who have come from some other parts of the world.

The Motherland Calls

This is a statue that stands in Volgograd, Russia and was claimed to be the largest statue in the world by the year 1967. The statue is all about the Battle of Stalingrad and the 200 steps depicts the 200 days of battle. Though there have been many other statues that can up to the larger than this year later on but as per the engineering and architectural point of view, it is the most complex statues ever made.

Spring Temple Buddha

By now the Spring Temple Buddha is one of the tallest statues of the world and stands at 128 meters. The statue is an important heritage now in China and it took about 11 years to complete it with about 1100 copper casts. You need to visit Henan in China to have a glimpse of this statue that stands on a lotus throne of about 20 meters tall. The pedestal of the statue is mainly a monastery and the ambiance of the place is such that it is going to leave you spellbound.

The Statue Of Unity

The bronze statue of Sardar Vallabhai Patel stands at 182 meters and recently it is the tallest statue in the whole world. The statue depicts the unity of the country as he, being the first deputy prime minister of India worked in uniting the 562 princely states of India and came up with the Republic of India. He was also called the Iron Man of India. The statue is located near to Sardar Sarovar Dam in Gujarat facing the river Narmada. The pedestal of the statue also has a museum that displays the achievements of Sardar Vallabhai Patel.

Statues do represent a number of things and people know about a number of things about a place through these statues. It can be said that they get famous because of the stories, myths and the facts behind them. There are so many different statues across the world among which a few of the most famous ones are mentioned above. They provide you a glimpse of the culture and heritage of the place where it is located.

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