Top 10 Castles Of The World

Top 10 Castles Of The World

Huge, grand, and mesmerizing are some of the possible adjectives to name the castles that exist even today. There are a number of such castles that attracts a number of tourists each year and it is quite difficult to pick up the 10 of them. If you are among those who have not yet visited any of the castles before, here is a list of some of the top castles that are there in the world.

Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany

This castle was created in the 19th century as a retreat for Ludwig II. Located on the hills of Bavaria, this castle was soon opened up in public interest after Ludwig II died. Right now, the castle is an attraction point in Germany and tourists from different parts of the world arrive here to visit and witness the beauty.

Edinburgh Castle in Scotland

If you are looking for some old castle that has stories to tell, Edinburgh castle can be stated as one of them. Situated in Edinburgh city of Scotland, the castle is known to have tolerated invasions and have witnessed murders over time. But still, it stands touching the skyline and is a tourist attraction now.

Kilkenny Castle in Ireland

It was in the year 1195 when William Marshall ordered to create this castle for controlling fording point of Nore river. Today, this castle has turned out to be one of the most popular tourist attractions for people visiting Ireland.

Windsor Castle in Britain

This is the royal castle where the royal family of Berkshire resides. The castle is of 900 years now and is said to be the oldest occupied castles in the world. It has a statue of Queen Victoria in front and each year many tourists come up to witness the beauty of the place.

Prague Castle in the Czech Republic

The 570 meters long and about 130 meters wide castle is situ   ated in Prague city of Czech Republic. The construction of the castle started somewhere in the 9th century and now it is known to be one of the oldest castles in the world.

Mont Saint Michel in France

This has been stated as the most beautiful castle in the world and is located on an island in Normandy. The tides often cut off the island from the nearby land connections and this increased the excitement of the place even more.

Castles are always beautiful and the stories behind them make them even more beautiful. There are so many castles around the world that counting them in fingers or noting them down in a list will be a difficult task indeed.

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