Things you should avoid doing on an African safari

Things you should avoid doing on an African safari

Taking a safari is one of the most wonderful kinds of travel adventures you can go on. And there’s no other place that comes to our mind other than Africa, which is best known for its exotic wildlife and incredible sceneries. An African safari is one of those things which is usually found on almost every traveler’s bucket list. And why not? Safaris are incredibly fun, thrilling, and full of adventure, which not only gives you an opportunity to spot wildlife species out in the wild but also gives you a chance to reconnect with nature and admire it for its spectacular beauty.

An African safari can be everything but boring and while you try to do everything to make it more fulfilled and worthwhile, things can easily go wrong because of one silly mistake. You should know that you have entered a territory, which is full of wild animals and one wrong move can put you all in a hazardous situation. Therefore, it’s always good to listen to your guide and not do anything that can spoil the fun, not only for you but for others as well. We have rounded up a list of a few things that you should avoid doing on an African safari.


Don’t disregard your guide

It’s extremely important to listen to your guide and heed their advice when they are telling you something for your own good. The last thing you want to do is disregarding your guide/driver. They have years of experience and knows exactly what they are doing, therefore, you must not question them or ignore their advice. You should cooperate with them as much as you can and it’s best if you follow the directions or advice given by them immediately, as they are basically trying to keep you out of problems and ensuring your safety.


Don’t act like a snob

It’s good to have knowledge about certain things and sharing the same with others is not completely a bad idea, but when you do it just to brag about things, it can make you look super obnoxious. There’s no need for you to act like a snob, you have come here as a tourist and not a guide, therefore, it’s best if you let your guide explain all the things to you as well as others and only speak when it’s actually required. An African safari is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and people from all around the world visit the country to particularly enjoy this experience, which can be worth a lot of money. Therefore, try not to gain too much attention out of your obnoxious attitude and let others enjoy the safari.


Don’t overpack

When it comes to packing luggage for safari, you don’t need to bring all the stuff along with you. The charter flights in and out of safari destinations have a strict weight limit; therefore, you should avoid overpacking your luggage and only pack the essentials. Similarly, when it comes to enjoying the safari in the game vehicle, you should only carry a few essential things with you due to a limited amount of space, such as binoculars, water bottle, camera, and weather protection gears.


Don’t disrespect the locals

Firstly, you are the one who is visiting their home; therefore, you must be very respectful towards the locals as well as their culture. During your visit to the country, you will meet several locals, who are extremely friendly and it is best to greet them in their local language. Although most Africans speak in English, it would be much appreciated if you use their common tongue to communicate. Also, you should refrain from taking their pictures without taking permission, especially if you’re visiting a tribal village.


Don’t get sick

The last thing you want is to get sick during the safari expedition. Africa is one of the malaria-endemic countries, although this disease is only limited to a few parts of the country, it’s best if you study about the destination you are planning to visit in Africa. You should always take a few precautionary measures to keep yourself safe during your African safari and consult your doctor to ask about the vaccinations you will need for the destined location. Also, make sure to carry a first aid kit to treat any kind of injury during the trip.

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