The Ultimate Spanish Food Guide: 5 Dishes To Eat In Spain

The Ultimate Spanish Food Guide: 5 Dishes To Eat In Spain

Anybody who loves to travel for food, guessing we all do. With traveling comes an opportunity to get introduced to the world’s cuisine which offers us to taste varied flavors and spices that come from all over the world. Many places are kept in mind not only for the panoramic vistas but for the lip-smacking gastronomy and Spain is no exception. With great food, Spain is always the one we think to come back over and over again. The platter of Spanish food is so rich that if you think you can stodge all at one go, you’re certainly wrong. The flavors and spices are spanning from one region to the other which makes Spanish cuisine a varied platter.

Though every list of things to munch in Spain includes Tapas and Paella, and definitely these both are great and you can’t leave Spain without eating them. But, Spanish cuisine is much wider than Tapas and Paella, there are so many delicious things to savor around the country. Hence, let’s branch out and introduce ourselves to a lot of regional and traditional Spanish flavors.

Here is our pick of 5 dishes to eat in Spain that aren’t Paella and Tapas and will etch your mind with an indelible tasting experience.


Rabo de Toro

Rabo de toro is one of Spain’s amazingly delicious stews. The Andalusian creation dates back to the Roman times after the popularity of bull fights. Rabo de Toro is a Spanish stew made of tail of the bull. But, when you spot this dish in a Spanish restaurant that doesn’t mean you’ve been serving with bull tail, that could be an oxtail or cow tail but overlooking that what matters is all of these tastes mouth-watering. The dish is spread throughout Spain but is such a great hype in Madrid. It’s rich and soft with minimal ingredients and braised oxtail.


Fabada Asturiana

Created in the community of Asturias, this Galician dish is regarded as the signature dish of the region. And it’s worth every reason to find out why? Made with Asturian fabes (fava white beans), this bean strew is heavy, rich, and sizzling. Traditionally, the dish is offered with Spanish blood sausage, black pudding, and some meat. If you’re planning to hit Spain anywhere around in winters nothing would be more soothing than a heaping bowl of fabada Asturiana which is served in every Spanish restaurant.


La Bomba

The Spanish Bombas are melt-in-your-mouth. It’s a perfect giant stuffed croquette squeezed between a blob of tomato sauce and a blob of peppery aioli. Usually, stuffed with meat these croquettes can be jammed with anything that makes the dish quite a versatile option for both the vegans and the non-vegetarians. Vegans can have potato la bombas and for the non-vegetarians, a meat-stuffed croquette would be a great delight-in.
Though you can navigate the dish in every corner of the country but it’s widely served in Barcelonan restaurants.


Churros Con Chocolate

Want to get hip to a fun and delicious chocolate treat! This Spanish-style churros dish is the perfect combination of fried dough + warm chocolate pudding + huge taste. The Churros con chocolate is easy, light, rich, thick, and lip-smacking Spanish desert. You couldn’t resist having churros in your breakfast.
If you head to Barcelona definitely try out Churros Con Chocolate.


Tortilla Espanola

Spanish style omelette, Tortilla Espanola is one of Spain’s most famous and much-loved dishes. The dish is nothing about the ingredients but about the technique in which it’s prepared. Egg, potato, and onion are cooked in olive oil gently to get a silky-smooth texture. Nothing could be best than starting your mornings with healthy Spanish Tortilla Espanola breakfast.

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