The Ultimate packing list for your trip to Vietnam

The Ultimate packing list for your trip to Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the top favorite destinations on the list of travelers in South-east Asia. It has earned its place with its peaceful vibe, relaxing atmosphere, although the place is full of chatter on the streets and constant buzzing of scooters. The locals of the place are experts at giving you a warm welcome and know how to cheer you up and make you feel comfortable and at ease at the same time. You will always be greeted with big, warm smiles in Vietnam. Apart from this, they are also the ones that going to impress you with their delicious and flavorsome cuisine. Get a mouth full of flavors, salty, sour, spicy, bitter. To get you sorted how to pack for your trip to Vietnam we have prepared a comprehensive list for you.


Charging station

The first thing on our list is something you can’t survive on your trip. It is the charging station. Definitely, you would need a power converter for your vacation to charge every electronic device you are carrying along with you. Be it your phone, camera or any other thing. Try to know in advance what type of power plug and outlet types are used in the country. Pack a power board with you so that you can charge your phone and camera while using your laptop. This way you would need only a single converter.



It is often recommended to carry a small medicine bag along with you whenever you go on any vacation. The same goes for your trip to Vietnam too. Try to include something that will make your upset tummy better and painkillers for headaches or injuries. Other items that you need to put on your medicine box are throat lozenges, cold and flu medicine, eye drops, sleeping pills and loads of band-aids. Even hand sanitizer and travel sickness medicine can also come in handy. Keep in mind to keep medicines if you suffer from any kind of allergies.


Your essentials

Spart from the basic things, do not ever forget to carry your personal essentials like your favorite brand cosmetics, feminine hygiene products or electric toothbrush heads. These are the things you won’t find in any hotel room or the local market. Pack the eco-friendly products and the things you would require for your sensitive skin. We suggest you to not waste your money on travel minis. Instead, use the 100 ml bottles and fill the required products.¬†the biggest advantage to have them is that you can refill it in the future.



If you are a person who takes care of your personal hygiene and cleanliness very much, then do carry tissues with you all the time. We are saying so because there is no guarantee that you will get them at all the places especially the public toilets you use. And when we talk about different places they include everything like hotels, service stations, cafes, rest stops, etc. So prepare yourself in advance.


Smart Sun Gear and Bug Spray

You definitely need to protect yourself from the harsh sun rays. So how can you do it? The things you need will include a hat, sunglasses and a sunscreen with a good amount of SPF in it. And do keep in mind it is in the hands of a user, how to utilize sunscreen. You need to reapply it, again and again, to not get yourself burned. Remember, U.V rays do not leave you even in the cloudy days. Also, make sure you keep a bug spray in your bag as the mosquitoes can create trouble for you especially if you move to the northern parts of Vietnam.

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