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The Best Of Switzerland

When talked about an international hill station, Switzerland is the first name that pops up quite often. Whether it is your honeymoon trip or just a holiday vacation, Switzerland can be claimed to be an ideal place to get lost in for some days.

It is not only the beauty of the place that attracts the tourists; there are many other reasons too among which safety is the most prime one. Switzerland is listed as one of the safest places to visit in the world.

Wish to know what is the best of Switzerland so that you can have a great vacation ahead? Here is a list of the best destinations that you can visit while being in Switzerland.

Chateau De Chillon in Montreux

This 4th-century fortress is located on the banks of Lake Geneva. It can be accessed easily with the help of boats from the town of Montreux. What you get here are 25 buildings with 3 courtyards. These are known for a number of elements such as paintings from the 14th century, towers, weaponry, and many others. Altogether, if you wish to have a look at the ancient history of Switzerland, this can be one of the finest places to do so.

Swiss National Park in Zernez

One of the most famous destinations that you should not miss out while being in Switzerland is the Swiss National Park. It is the only national park in Switzerland. Though it has become one of the prime tourist attractions but still the natural beauty of the place is untouched. It is spread across an area of 172 sqkms and is home to a number of elements such as waterfalls, glaciers, and many others. People come up at this place for various adventurous activities such as hiking and have a view of the flora here.


 Bern is the capital city of Switzerland for some reason. To know these reasons, you need to step into the place. The medieval city has a story to speak up, in whatever lane you visit. The town is also claimed as the UNESCO heritage site. What you find here are some of the amazing attractions such as fountains, sandstone facades, vaulted cellars, and many others. If you wish to roam around to have a view of something else, there are also a number of other things to do such as botanical gardens, bear park, colorful markets and so on.

The Rhine Falls

Switzerland is home to a number of natural elements such as falls. One of the most famous waterfalls that you should have in your list is the Rhine falls. It is the largest waterfall in Europe and is also one of the natural tourist attractions of Swiss. There are a number of decks from where the fall can be viewed while there are a number of bold people who even explore a ride on the water.

There is so much to explore in Switzerland. The list describes only a few of the things. There are many more to go for such as Zurich, Lucerne, Lugano, Lake Geneva, the Jungfrau Region, and many more.

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