The Best And Safest Places On The Earth To Take A Solo Female Trip

The Best And Safest Places On The Earth To Take A Solo Female Trip

If you’re a solo female traveler and looking for the best and safest places to execute your next sojourn, this post will help you plan the safest journey!
Safety is the most important parameter to decide the destination and especially if you’re a solo female traveler. Traveling the unfamiliar grounds can be filled with both excitement and curiosity and thus on the recommendation of a few solo female travelers we have compiled the best cities that you can travel alone.
No matter where you go even if it’s ranked the safest place on the earth its better you still practice caution and follow your gut feeling.
This will surely help you plan your next vacay! So, let’s get started!


Kyoto, Japan

We all know how friendly Japanese people are and thus there is no point in not mentioning the country on this list. Japan is the most travel-friendly place on the earth and thus a great pick for your first solo travel.
While the entire country is ranked safe for female travelers, however, Kyoto is not only safe but also rich in opulence and exquisiteness.
There are so many things to do and see in the city and is enough to make your trip fully packed.
The city is known to be the cultural capital of the country and experience millions of travelers from around the world. The city is home to beautiful Buddhist temples, Shinto shrines, palaces, and blooming gardens. The city is an epitome of how stunning and brilliant architecture the country has.
The best time to visit the city is from September to November.


Nelson, New Zealand

Unveil the old charm of the country through the incredibly breathtaking city of Nelson. Nelson is known to be the sunniest region in the country and thus you know now where to head this winter!
The city is home to pristine beaches, stunning naturalscape, vibrant culture, and great food. You can experience a great geographical diversity here, from sandy beaches, rugged mountains to lush forests, the city has everything! A trip to Nelson is fully packed and a great pick for the travelers who want to seek everything from one place.
The best time to plan your vacay is from September to November.


Alberta, Canada

If there has to be heaven on earth this is it!
Alberta is the most stunning province in western Canada and the most traveled destination on the earth. If you love to explore and hike the great Rocky Mountains, Alberta has the maximum portion of it.
It is home to some of the most awe-inspiring landscapes you can find on the globe, from glaciers, deserts, badlands, lakes, and beaches; Alberta is rich in everything that can draw your attention!
Some places in Alberta are so dreamlike that you would literally feel they are photoshopped! If you love clicking pictures the place allows you to take extraordinary clicks with breathtaking natural wonders.
The best time to travel to the province is from June to September.


New York City

There is no city in the world like New York!
The place is not only the safest city but also a very vibrant city that gets you high. The bustling life of the city fuels you with energy and enthusiasm and thus a must-visit place especially if you’re a solo female traveler.
You can travel to New York City all-year-round.


Paris, France

The city of love is breathtaking at the very first sight. Being a solo female traveler we don’t think so you haven’t wishlisted this city! And, now when you know it’s totally safe, you should plan your vacay ASAP.

So, these are the 5 recommendations for solo female travelers. We hope the feed helps you in planning your next vacay!

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