Taste exquisite cuisine at best food countries in the world

Taste exquisite cuisine at best food countries in the world

Nobody can deny a nice delicious meal ever. Every one craves to try different cuisines and the world has an uncountable number of amazing restaurants. Who does not aspire to eat flavorsome food at some of the finest places? It is not like you can’t get a meal anyplace as there are many people in the food business but you need to do thorough research in case you need to have some authentic food at the best place. If you need help to shortlist the best countries in the world for food, we are here for you.


You would have definitely heard good about French cuisine. And it is actually one of the finest cuisines you would ever have. And to get the most authentic flavor of the dishes you need to visit its home country, France. The dishes this cuisine offers are quite unique and innovative. It has a very interesting background to it and is taught around the globe in various cooking schools. The cuisine is surely not like other cuisines and has made the world crazy with its exotic dishes. You must have heard french fries. There would not be a single person who would not familiar with them. And cheese, it is something that includes their staple diet.


If you are a food lover, it is not possible that you would not be familiar with Spanish food. This contemporary cuisine has a variety of dishes due to the fact that many countries have conquered Spain at different times. Spanish food is something that has a Roman touch to it. You would find a variety of dishes of Mushrooms in this cuisine due to the intervening of the Roman Empire. Spanish food is mainly served in olive oil as 90% of the world’s olive oil is produced here.


Which country can guarantee you with the best food? Italy! You can’t describe the Italian cuisine in words, you have to taste it. The dishes that constitute this amazing cuisine basically have three shades- yellow, red and green. It gives people a perfect blend of colors, tastes, and flavors. If you would look closely, all of its dishes consist of three main ingredients- bread, tomato, and olive oil. The quality of the dish prepared mainly depends upon the freshness of the ingredients used and not the preparation style. Have cheese, olive oil and coffee and you are ready to go. Expresso is the traditional Italian coffee and Pizza is its most awesome creation. The chefs of Italy are very particular about the ingredients they use to prepare the food and they always do it meticulously in the Olive oil.


Mexican cuisine is the one that has derived from the blend of all the European cuisines mainly comprising Spanish food. Beans, corns, chili are the main constituents of this exquisite cuisine with meat on the top of the list. And when we talk about meat, it includes the meat of goat, chicken, beef, etc. Mexicans were quite unfamiliar with dairy products such as cheese but Spanish people did this too. They have also not remained untouched by Asian and African people too. Food is something that Mexicans link with social bonding and family. They consider it auspicious to increase love between families on various occasions.


As India is a country that is rich in diversity, so is its food. The food there is also based on different religious groups and on the basis of residents of a particular state. You would find people there who are vegans and those who are non-vegetarians. The cuisine has also been greatly influenced by the Mughals and Europeans. The dishes are quite spicy here with potato being the staple fodder of the place. The vegetable was introduced by the Portuguese.

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