Some genius facts about Bali you might not know

Some genius facts about Bali you might not know

Bali is a top favourite destination among many travellers. It is probably the most famous island in Indonesia, more popular than the country itself. The place has everything from tropical beaches to serene mountain scenery to friendly Balinese people. Being an eminent location, there a lot of things you might know about the place but there are some hidden facts you would definitely not be aware of. There is so much to explore at this wonderful island such as its popular dive sites, sacred temples, and stunning surf spots. So if you are keen to know some fun facts about this charming place, we have listed some of the cool ones below-


Volcano Agung- The most Sacred Place

Do you know about Mount Meru that is considered the central axis of the universe? If not, we have a cool thing listed here that you would not know. Balinese people consider Volcano Agung as a replica of Mount Meru. It is the most sacred place on the island and all the locals of the place try to sleep in a position that their head is faced in a direction towards the volcano. It is an active volcano that appears to be perfectly conical, standing tall as the highest point of the island.


It is also home to black sand

Bali has always been considered as a stunning paradise with pristine bone white-sand beaches. But it may amaze you that it is also home to some of the amazing black sand volcanic beaches. Gain most out of your vacation by visiting every famous and rare location that is alluring and spellbound at the same time. There are a lot of active volcanoes that dot the Indonesian peninsula and this charming island. You would surely pay a visit to one of the beaches with black sand to have a surreal once in a lifetime kind of experience.

Economy is dependent on Tourism

You might be familiar with the fact that the island earns a lot from its tourism sector, considering the huge influx of tourists that visit the place. However, are you aware that a large portion of its economy is dependent on this single sector? Around 80% of Bali’s economy depends on tourism. The place would not be what it is without its tourists. It offers its guests some cheap and exotic holiday experiences attracting a huge number of people to come over here.


A fact about babies

You might not be familiar and would get shocked to know that Balinese babies are not made to touch the ground till they reach the mark of 3-months. They are carried everywhere during this particular period. They also have a specific ritual for this. It is called the foot-filing ritual. The ceremony is an interesting one that symbolizes the transition of the child from adolescence to adulthood. The people over there have a notion that this thing helps their child away from invisible forces of evil, making them more pure and beautiful both physically and spiritually.


Kopi Luwak-The most expensive coffee

If you are a coffee lover, it is the most interesting thing you can learn about the place. Taste the most expensive coffee in the world here at Bali. Its price is as high as 50 dollars a cup.

Kopi Luwak is originated over here along with Sumatra, Java, and Sulawesi in the archipelago. The island is one of those few exotic places where you can get this authentic coffee. So if you want to taste this legendary coffee or want to see how it is produced you should definitely come over at this beautiful island. The taste may vary with the type and the origin of beans used in its preparation.

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