Rovaniemi – The Official House Of Santa Claus

Rovaniemi – The Official House Of Santa Claus

Every year on Christmas evening you convince your kid that Santa Claus will come up with that red bag of gifts. An anxious kid may even at times ask about from where Santa Claus comes. In place of providing your kid with some illogical answers such as the stars and the moon, you can simply tell them about the official homeland of Santa Claus.

Even if you get curious at times and ask out your Google assistant at times or your travel guide, the place where they will guide you through will be Rovaniemi in Finland.

How Finland Became The Official House Of Santa Claus?

St. Nicholas is said to be the inspiration behind the concept of Santa Claus. This bearded saint used to give up gifts in Turkey. So, practically, the official house of Santa Claus should be Turkey. So, how did the house shift all of a sudden to the Arctic?

It was way back in the year 1927 when a radio broadcaster in Finland found a workshop of Santa in Korvatunturi of Lapland. This news became viral and since that day the public even believed that Santa Clause lives in Finland.

The Santa Claus Lives In Rovaniemi

Now the question is that when the radio broadcaster found the workshop in Korvatunturi, how did Rovaniemi become the official house. This was out of business and it actually worked. Rovaniemi was constantly under the attacks from the Germans. The area was completely destroyed when Finland took help from the US to get it developed once again.

To encourage tourist attraction, Rovaniemi came up with a Santa Claus village. There was also a post office with the Arctic stamp outside the village. Soon, the Santa Claus association was set up where workers received millions of letters each year.

The workers dress in the look of elves and deal with millions of mails. They not only deal with the incoming mails but also send a reply back to the senders with the Arctic postal stamp as proof that the letter has been posted from the house of Santa Claus.

Santa Claus is surely a fictitious and fantasy character but was inspired by someone in real. Whether it is the witness that the radio broadcaster so or the strategies of the Finland government, finally the home of Santa Claus has been found. Apart from sending your mails to Santa, you can even make your plans to have a trip to the Arctic to visit the official house of Santa Claus once.

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