Relish the Gastronomic Weeks in Spain

Relish the Gastronomic Weeks in Spain

Isn’t traveling satiate our taste buds? How many of you will agree; that the best part of traveling is to relish the oh-so diverse Haute cuisines? We are sure you all will agree to that. Whether you are a glutton or a nibber, you cannot resist yourself from tasting cuisines as you travel. And traveling to Spain offers you with a once in a lifetime opportunity of savoring their scrumptious food culture and surely you don’t want to miss that, do you?

If you are traveling to Spain and are wondering what to eat? You’ve clicked on the right feed. Spain is a food lovers paradise. The country offers oh-so mouth-watering flavors that you will surely want to stodge with. The Spanish food culture is really big and important to the country. Their culinary practice includes- fruits and light seasonings of herbs and spices as well as nuts, meats, rice, olive oil, and fish. Spain serves a large buffet of dishes with Paella, Sangria, and Tapas their famous dishes.

Choosing what to eat from such a diverse platter and that too in such a limited amount of time can be tough. So, keeping that in mind we have listed the best food to try in your next Spain itinerary.

Tortilla De Patata or Spanish Omelette

Tortilla De Patata, Tortilla Espanola or Tortilla de papas are few Spanish names of the dish. American translation is a Spanish Omelette. The dish is one of the signature dishes of Spanish cuisine. The Spanish Omelette is traditionally made up of eggs, potatoes and olive oil. In most cases, onion is also added to give it a punch of sweetness.

The dish is served as a Spanish tapa, a main dish with a baguette and green salad, on a slice of bread or even as a snack. It tastes great and we surely recommend you to give it a shot. Made with good quality Spanish olive oil it gets the best and finger-licking flavors.

Patatas Bravas

The name might sound complicated but believe us the dish is not. Way better than fries and tastier than baked potatoes. It is typically a Spanish fast food, street food dish.

Potatoes are cut in small cubes and fried in oil. They are usually served as a tapa or bigger appetizer, accompanied by dips or toppings such as spicy tomato sauce, chorizo chicken. You can find the dish throughout Spain but we recommend you to try Patatas Bravas from Barcelona. They are served in the Catalan style with garlic dip or with spicy salsa or mayonnaise. Typically one serving contains a quarter kilo of potatoes.

Fideua from Girona

Girona is one of the food capitals of Spain, with a throng of excellent prize-winning restaurants. That you should definitely dine in.

One of the tastiest dishes you can try in Girona is “Fideua”. This actually originates from Valencia but is commonly served in restaurants all over the country, including Girona. The concept of the dish is similar to Paella, but instead of using rice, pasta noodles such as spaghetti or spaghettini are used. The dish is as seafood- roasted with white-fleshed fish, and coked with sauce. It is seasoned mainly with lemon. The end result of the dish is a delicious, crispy and succulent Spanish tapa.


Spain food culinary is filled with many rice dishes, but Paella is by far the most famous and traditional Spanish dishes. This recipe is very versatile with a toasty, crispy, golden crust on the bottom (Soccarat) and amazing traditional flavors.

Paella is seafood with chicken pieces, fire-roasted peppers and beautiful flavors infused into the rice. The dish is served as hot with saffron threads and garlic dipping. Well definitely order the dish in your Spain itinerary. The Paella is a really ambrosial dish to try.

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