Popular Marriage Destinations In The World

Popular Marriage Destinations In The World

Everyone wishes to tie their knot with the special one in a special way. One of the best ways these days is to get a destination wedding done.

Thinking of a place to plan up your wedding? Here are some of the amazing destinations across the world that you can choose from.

Rajasthan in India

If the plan is to get a royal reception thrown to your guests, it cannot be anything better than getting your wedding vows taken in a palace in Rajasthan, India. There are so many palaces turned into hotels options available in Udaipur or Jaipur where you can plan up your wedding and get royal memories created.

Ravello in Italy

If you wish to take your guests to a venue that has absolutely breathtaking views, one of the choices that you can have is that of Italy. A place like Ravello can help you in selecting again palaces that has amazing views and also heritage like feel. Whether you wish to have a ballroom function or a four-course meal for your guests, surely this is going to work really well.

Key West in Florida

Having a wedding event just by the coastal area already throws a feel of romanticism within you. The Key West island in Florida is a lonely place that is offered for events such as weddings. You can have all the facilities such as food, decoration, and other options available so that you do not have to worry about any such necessities in the cut off island location. This is a small place and hence the guest list has to be a bit limited such as around 60 members only.

Laucala Island In Fiji

Fiji is another amazing place that is known for its beautiful beaches and stunning scenes. The Laucala island is the place in Fiji that offers 25 private villas and an amazing location to have private events such as weddings.

Walland in Tennesee

Similar to the beaches, the mountains are equally romantic. Hence, having a wedding event in the mountains can be equally amazing. There are estates available in this area of Walland where you can have a limited guest of within 150 and can have a great wedding party organized.

Weddings are something to be remembered and cherished and hence arranging them in the right way is a must. Depending upon your budget, your guest list, and many other factors, you can choose from a wide range location for your wedding.

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