Plunge the “cities of Blue Dome”: Uzbekistan
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Plunge the “cities of Blue Dome”: Uzbekistan

Unfolding Uzbekistan is following the ancient silk route as well as the footsteps of legendry travelers and conquerors. Uzbekistan is the jewel of Central Asia’s crown, a true hidden gem, with incredibly well preserved historical sites dating back millennia serving as the highlight that most destinations can’t offer. Thus, becoming an overlooked travel destination around the globe.

Uzbekistan pinned in Central Asia is an undiscovered gem with an overwhelming amount of awe-inspiring mosques, mausoleums, and madrassas situated in ancient cities of the country which date back thousands of years. The country also offers drool-worthy architecture; it is a country with many faces. From hopping bazaars in Tashkent and the Ferghana Valley (home to the founder of Mughal Empire) to desolate destruction of the Aral Sea, it’s packed with a lot of surprises.

Here we’ve listed a few recommendations for your Uzbekistan itinerary; you can surely pick and choose from.


Bukhara a perfect place to get lost in. The city is famous for its seat of religious power in Central Asia’s most powerful empire of Timur. It has been the center for many great poets, artists and the architecture of the city’s monuments will inspire visitors like never before. Even though the city is modern today but, the heritage equipped by it is undeniably evident in every major block in the city. The best spots in the city are

  • Po-I Kalyan

  • Samanid Mausoleum

  • Nadir Divan Begi Madrassah

  • And the Samanid Recreation Park.

You can go on a photo walk to best the city’s best madrassahs, pray at the Bolo Hauz Mosqueor chill out at Lyabi Hauz. The city is a very cheap place to explore. There are plenty of restaurants here to explore that serve some of the best Uzbeki cuisines. You should try Lagman, Plov (rice) and noodle soup over here. You will require a minimum time of two days to explore the charm of the city Bukhara.


The old town of Khiva is so well preserved that it almost looks like a museum, one huge historic playground. Khiva is a world heritage site. Khiva was once the pride of Silk Road. The city is home to many fascinating museums that gives you a visual historical journey. Parts of the city date back to the 10th century, some even claim it to be as early as the 6th century, it’s very old. What you see now, is only a faint impression of a city that was once the secret pearl of Silk Road.

We recommend staying Khiva for at least two days. The top things to see in Khiva are Itchan-Kala, Muhammad Aminkhan Madrasah, and Pakhlavan Makhmud Mausoleum.


Once you the city, you will coin it as the unforgettable city of Uzbekistan. It’s a definite highlight of any trip to Uzbekistan. It remains at the top list of travelers who visit the country because of a beautiful potpourri of Iranian, Indian, Mongol and bit of western cultures it has. Samarkand is as old as the ancient cities of Babylon and Rome. It’s literally like a film set filled with the best historical sites.

All the attractions we see now are legacies left behind by the great king Timur and are pretty close to each other. The places include Registan- the centerpiece of Samarkand. A structure that has stood the test of time and earthquakes. You can surely have a photo walk here. Gur-E-Amir- a mausoleum that marks the final resting place of Timur, this stunning building was an inspiration behind Shah Jahan’s Taj Mahal. Shah-I-Zinda- the site is covered in a hue of liquid blue and is a complex of mausoleums and temples.

After spending the whole day sightseeing the ancient beauty of the city you can surely relish the culinary authentic Uzbek food.


Tashkent is the capital city of Uzbekistan. Though there is not much to see and explore, the city is not blessed with a nice architecture as compared to other cities. But still, there are plenty of things to wander around. Chorsu Bazaar- Tashkent’s main bazaar is a lively affair. You can find everything from clothing to spices and vegetables. Amir Timur Museum- a museum dedicated to the warlord Amir Timur. Plov Center- the place to eat the country’s famous Plov.


There is not much to do in Nukus, but art lovers cannot miss the museum, which houses one of the finest art collections in Central Asia named as Nukus Museum of Art. It was founded by The Russian painter, archeologist, and collector, Igor Savitsky.

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