Planning A Day Trip In The Amazing Berlengas, Portugal

Planning A Day Trip In The Amazing Berlengas, Portugal

If you’re planning to travel to Lisbon, sparing one day and heading to the wonderful Berlengas is totally worth it!
The Berlengas Island is lined with a lot of exciting stuff from relishing a sunny day at the shores to tying out a bunch of exciting water adventures, there’s enough to keep you engaged.
While there is a lot to explore and do in the Berlengas, but we believe one day would be enough to capture the best of the isle. Here, we have compiled everything you’ll need to plan a one day trip to the Berlengas.


How To Reach Berlengas

There is no direct route from Lisbon to the Berlengas and to reach the Berlengas you have to reach the city of Peniche, which is one hour away from the capital city Lisbon.
Once you reach the Peniche, there are two ways to reach the island of Berlengas-
Bus- avail bus to Campo da Feira and walk to the Peniche port and take Hydrofoil to Berlengas isle.
Ferry- you can also take a ferry from the port which will cost you $20 (valid for the entire day).
Make sure you kick-off the trip early morning.


The Best Season

To capture the best of the island, you must hit the place in the right season. The place doesn’t have an all-year-round suitable climate and the best time to visit the Berlengas would be during summer and spring.
Hence, make sure you plan a trip to Lisbon from April to October, if you want to visit the Berlengas. From April to October, the weather is balmy with various migratory birds visiting the shores. Also, you can relish a sunny day if you visit the island during these times. The months of July and August are the peak months and you can experience hordes of tourists.


How To Go

The Berlengas is a place where you can head without taking any guided tours. The island is easy to explore and we won’t think you would face any difficulty while exploring the isle.
The houses at the cliff are of fishermen, and if you want to explore the place like a local you can also ask the fishermen to guide you about the island.
Thus save on taking up any guided tours as the place is simple and can be easily explored.


Organizing The One Day Trip

There is enough to see in the Berlengas and that’s sufficient to keep you busy for the whole day. Thus, to make sure you don’t miss anything plan your one-day trip accordingly and try to leave as early as possible.
The earliest departure of the ferry from the city of Peniche is at 9:30 am and the last departure is at 15:30. If you have to take the bus from Lisbon to Peniche make sure you leave the hotel a little early or if you’ll be driving from Lisbon to Peniche, you can depart from the accommodation a little late. But, make sure you make it on time.


Top Things To Visit

For the one-day trip, we have picked the top places to visit and top things you can do on the one-day trip to the Berlengas.
Lighthouse- to capture a stunning view
Berlengas Nature Reserve- spanning over 9,500 hectares
Sao Joao Baptista Fort- a fort built in 1656 and the main attraction.
Praia do Carreiro do Mosteiro Beach
Caves and Kayak
Lola Gastrobar- to relish the delectable cuisine

If you want to spend a night at the Berlengas Island, there are various accommodations to look for.

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