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Packing tips for your next European Beach Vacation

You would not know but if you are in Europe this upcoming summer then no one is luckier than you. So grab the amazing opportunity and hit the beach. No doubt, Europe has many vibrant cities where you can spend your days and nights but it is altogether a different feeling when you are at the beach. European summers are hot and the beach is the best way to beat up the heat while you get to experience the local culture. So if you decide to spend your precious time on the beach, then do it in the best possible way by reading the tips mentioned below.


This first thing on our list is surely a necessity whenever you visit any kind of beach in Europe. It can be anything from pebbly to rocky to sandy. Although water shoes are necessary on rocky beaches don’t ever think that they will not be useful on sandy and pebble ones. We are saying you so because you can’t even imagine how hot the pebbles can get and possibly they can injure your foot. The same advice we would give you regarding the sandy beaches as well. The sand gets too hot giving you an unpleasant experience if you walk on it barefoot. And don’t worry about the packing they are quite light and compact. So they won’t occupy much of your space.


We must tell you that there are not enough amenities on all the beaches of Europe. So you have to be prepared beforehand to have a pleasant experience. You would be quite lucky if you find a usable bathroom, a cafe or a shop to purchase any of the reasonable refreshments. Bring a cooler along with you to save your time, effort and money. Store your own drinks and food in it. Go for a collapsible cooler as it is something that is on the lighter side and can store enough drinks for two people. We would recommend you take one especially if you are on a budget.


You are going to the beach, then it is obvious that you are going to get wet. Even if you are going with your group, there is a chance that all of you would like to do activities like swimming or snorkeling together. So where will you keep your all valuable? Have you ever thought of this? Theft is a real concern if you are in Europe are beaches are no exception to it. So try limiting carrying anything valuable and precious. Just bring the cash you need along with an ID and credit card. Don’t take your phone if possible. As you will be having only a few important items then you can get a waterproof wallet and put them in it. This way you will remain free of stress and worry. Some wallets can even carry a cellphone. So get one that suits you. Even a Ziploc bag can also be a great option to put all your belongings safely.


Probably an item on the list you would not have expected. But trust me, it will prove to be the most useful item for you on the beach. As we have mentioned before, the Mediterranean beach is hot. So a nice way to protect¬†yourself from all the harsh sun rays is to carry a beach umbrella. If you plan ahead, you can buy for yourself a folding beach umbrella that can even fit in your baggage. And don’t worry if you don’t have enough space to carry one as some beaches provide you with rented lounge chairs and umbrellas. But if you have your personal one you can explore other beach options too.

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