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Must-try: Ecstatic Cocktails around the world

The drinks menu at your favorite local bar is full of so many ecstatic drinks and you would like to try all of them. But there are some really amazing signature cocktails around the world that you must taste, without missing out. They come from different origins and this makes them worth the sip. If you are a lover of food and drinks along with a bit of alcohol, then these exotic cocktails will grab your heart and you will develop a taste worth admiring for the rest of your life.

Sangria- Spain

If you’re strolling through Barcelona’s Plaza Mayor, then you should definitely have a sip of the tastiest wine there. Sangria is actually popular throughout the world for a lot of reasons. The way it is created with so many diverse ingredients is actually commendable. With chopped fruits, a splash of brandy and a sweetener like honey, sugar, syrup or orange juice, Sangria is created fruitfully. Coming originally from Spain, you will find this in all corners of the world. Originally it was consumed by Greek and Roman civilization where Sangria was created using sugar and spices and blending them together to create one enormous taste. Since Sangria means blood, it is used creating red wine and that is the reason for its bold color.

Pisco Sour- Peru

Originated in Lima, Peru, Pisco Sour is one of the most iconic drinks in the world. Although there is a strong dispute as to which country does Pisco Sour belong to- Peru or Chile as a national drink, most favor goes towards Peru. It looks good and tastes even better. The best thing about Pisco Sour is its ingredients. It is usually created using bourbon or whiskey along with lime juice and a sweetened flavor. This amazing flavor will refresh you to the soul and wake you up with its chilling flavors and aroma. The drink’s name also comes from ‘pisco’ which serves a base liquor for the drink and the term ‘sour’ comes from the use of sour citrus juice and sweetener components in the final drink.

Sazerac- New Orleans

Also referred to as the Oldest American cocktail, it is believed to have originated even before the American Civil War! Yes, it is that iconic and thus, calls for the vintage tag. Sazerac is a fancy name for a drink that is a refined mixture of cognac or rye whiskey along with absinthe, sugar and Peychaud’s Bitters. These fancy ingredients make this drink one of the most loved cocktails around the world. Although the original drink had some variations; with time, a lot of variation has come in this drink. It has changed over the years for the good but the dry and exotic punchy flavor remains the same. It is served straight up without the ice. Available everywhere in the world, it is a must-try for everyone out there.

Pimm’s- London

The first time Pimm’s was ever consumed was as a medicinal tonic and thus, created a rage right there. Over the years, it gained popularity as an exotic drink probably because of the taste as well as an impressive visual representation. It is a gin-based fruit cup drink and thus adds to the overall flavor of the cocktail. It is mainly prepared by mixing liquor with lemonade which is a really smart way to impress everyone out there. Basically, you won’t be getting any kind of hangover with it because it has fruits, lemon as well as gin. It will turn out to be a fun drinking experience for you. Make sure you try this one wherever you go.

Singapore Sling- Singapore

One of the best cocktails in Singapore, this one is a must-try for everyone. Singapore Sling is a definite pick for all those who love color and vibrancy. This drink is a mixture of fruits and colors together and is thus, a pleasure to the eyes. Originally curated with gin, Cherry Heering, Benedictine, and pineapple juice, it found many variations over the years. The main reason for creating this one was to help women drink straight from the bar. By concealing gin and liqueur in a juice-based cocktail, now women could drink just like men. Thus, the ideology made this drink an undeniable hit and is now widely believed to be the national cocktail of Singapore.

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