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Must-Try Authentic Dishes in Fiji

Any place full of sandy beaches and crystal clear waters is a dreamland for everyone. Such beachy places have a whole other vibe that makes us lose ourselves and get lost in vibrant surroundings. One such beautiful beachy destination is Fiji Island which is not only popular for its lively vibes and happy people but also for their traditional touch in everything. Whether it’s their food or their attire, sightseeing or just the local people, tradition and cultures are reflected in everything and that’s what attracts us the most. Fiji is an island country in Melanesia in the South Pacific and is famed for its beautiful landscape views and spectacular attractions. You can relax on your holiday in the most luxurious style and have a taste of the local culture as well.

Every place is known by the places to see, food to eat and streets to explore. So, if you drop in the Fiji island, we recommend having a taste of these amazing delicacies which are just unmissable.




Kokoda is a Fijian raw fish salad and is served as an appetizer. Fish and root vegetables are the key elements in everyday food of every inhabitant in Fiji and that’s why this is a must-try. Use of Fish is a part of authentic preparation in Fiji and they consume it on a daily basis. This one is prepared by soaking the fish in lime juice and then regular vegetables are added to this. It is served with coconut milk in a coconut shell for the perfect mouth-watering taste. Since this one has a blend of so many different flavors, it is served before the main course and makes for a good starter dish.

Where to eat: Nadina Authentic Fijian Restaurant for the perfect Kokoda appetizer.



Lovo is one of the most loved delicacies in Fiji and is prepared for royal and formal gatherings as well. It constitutes an important part of Fijian parties and no occasion is complete without having this one on the menu. Lovo is basically cooked in an earth oven and is a yummy combination of fish, meat, and vegetables wrapped in banana and taro leaves. This one has such a traditional preparation that all the flavors get doubled. The underground oven is prepared by digging a hole and heating special stones which will, in turn, cook the dish. Since it is prepared in an authentic manner, it takes a lot of time but is totally worth the wait.

Where to eat: Grab this one at Lagoon Restaurant at the Sofitel for the perfect traditional taste.



Rourou is another popular Fijian dish that is prepared using Dalo or Taro leaves. Since Fiji has a lot of Indian population, you will notice a lot of delicacies that are of their taste. This one is similar to spinach and is stewed in coconut milk. This, in turn, adds such amazing flavors to the taro leaves that it becomes irresistible. Since this one is cooked in liquid, it is served in the form of soup as a side dish with a fish or chicken. It has great appeal and an even amazing taste. Grab it for the best traditional taste buds and relive it again and again.

Where to eat: Ocean Terrace Restaurant for the best taste.



Topoi dish makes for the perfect breakfast cuisine in Fiji. If you are looking for something that will awaken your taste buds right away, grab this one in the morning. It is a Fijian dumpling and has the best filling in the world. With a mixture of grated cassava and coconut milk with cream and sugar, this one is the ultimate breakfast and brunch cuisine. All these ingredients are tastefully mixed up and then wrapped in the shape of a ball. This is steamed for a few hours and then served. Since it has sugar, there is a sweet tint to it which makes Topoi all the more delicious.

Where to eat: Try it at Mamasake, Ocean Palms hotel to enjoy with a view.


Fijian Curry


Fiji has a lot of Indian population so the existence of curry is thoroughly justified. The residents in Fiji have their taste in Indian curries like nothing else and have curated some of the most innovative curries of all time. Fiji curry is typically made from coconut milk, tomatoes, and banana. This one tastes amazing and will appeal to anyone who loves a mixture of different ingredients. These types of curries are served with dahl soup or roti for the perfect mouth-watering combination.

Where to eat: Sitar Restaurant for a great lunch.


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