Mount Kilimanjaro: Things-to-know before hiking Africa’s highest peak

Mount Kilimanjaro: Things-to-know before hiking Africa’s highest peak

Africa’s highest peak and World’s tallest free-standing mountain is this gigantic and majestic Mount Kilimanjaro. It is basically a dormant volcano and has three volcanic cones namely Kibo, Mawenzi, and Shira. A lot of people you know might have already hiked this one because it is that easy. So, if you are planning your hike here, then here are some things to know before the actual hike takes place.


Climbing Kilimanjaro does not require technical skills

Mount Kilimanjaro is not a technical climb and thus, it does not require any skills and technicalities as such. It is just a regular hike just like another mountain and all you have to do is walk. This is the reason it is also known as a walk-up mountain! You don’t need any kind of equipment like harness, ropes, exclusive boots or rods to aid your walk up the mountain. These things are required when you are indulged in a high-intensity trek. But that is not the case with Mount Kilimanjaro. You are not risking your life for this trek, it is as easy as pie. Also, in no place during the trek would you feel that you have to go through rough or unconquered paths. You will be surprised to know that every person has climbed Kilimanjaro because it is that easy. This is the reason it is also called Everyman’s Everest.


The temperature is cold up there

Kilimanjaro is located just 205 miles from the equator and it is not possible for ice to form this close to the hot equatorial sun. That is why Mount Kilimanjaro is very cold. On the contrary, Tanzania is very hot but that doesn’t affect the temperature of Mount Kilimanjaro. As soon as you step on an elevated mount, the temperature drops and thus, you need to pack clothes that will save you from the cold weather. At night, you will have to pack warm clothes but the day can be done with summer clothing. So, before you plan this hike, make sure you pack all the essentials in clothing and other accessories so that you do not feel cold. Necessary gear is a must.


A support team is at your rescue

All the excursion trips and expeditions are fully supported by a team of experts who are there to help you just in case you are in trouble and even otherwise. This means that an entire team of personnel like cooks, porters and tour guides are present on the location to make sure that you experience a smooth hike. There is not much to face on Mount Kilimanjaro but it is always good to have someone at your back. This shield from experts set the tents for your night stay, cooks the food, makes amenities available and thus help you in every possible way. So, this way you know that you are going to feel at home while hiking along Mount Kilimanjaro.


Prepare in advance for acute sickness

When you are this elevated height, it is natural to feel sick because of less oxygen and other fears of height. So, if this high altitude scares you already, then you should prepare well in advance for the hike. Acute sickness is a common illness that the hikers experience here and that is the major reason why the summit remains unrivaled by some. If you experience high levels of acute sickness, then this might turn out to be fatal for you. Pack some medications along just in case you feel nauseous or a headache. It is important to prepare your body for such changes. Medications are one thing but make sure you take proper rest and allow your body to relax in mid between hikes.


The hike can last for about seven days

Although Mount Kilimanjaro is easy to hike, it takes really long to accomplish. There are a lot of different routes through which you can hike and there are some short routes as well. But whatever it takes, seven to nine days are definitely on the list. This goes for every hiker. Even if you are extremely fit or a professional, it would take you this long to complete this hike. The reason is that since Mount Kilimanjaro is located on such a gigantic height of 19,308 ft, the slower you go, the easier it is for your body to do it conveniently. Otherwise, you might experience fatigue or acute levels of sickness. So, it is advised to not rush your way and make this hike a memorable one for yourself.

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