Most Popular Bachelorette Party Destinations

Most Popular Bachelorette Party Destinations

Anyone who is getting married any sooner knows the importance of a bachelorette party. It’s your last chance to party wildly with the single tag! Bachelorette parties have been the new trend for a few years and why not? They are the most fun illegal parties you can never have. And by illegal we don’t mean doing something that you’ll get arrested for! It just means forgetting everything else and be wild on this adventure. Bachelorette trips have become the new cool and there are many preparations and planning done for the same. The bride-to-be wishes to have a last fling before the ring! So a bachelorette trip can be either out of town or out of the county-as and when you prefer. Long weekend getaways with best friends are also another amazing idea.

So we took it on ourselves and looked upon the most worthy and popular bachelorette party destinations. Want to know what we found out? Read on-


Because what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas- as the famous phrase goes! Las Vegas is the most populated city in the state of Nevada. The city of Casinos as everyone calls it is actually one of the most desired destinations because you can never have a dull moment in this sun city. Here you can ditch all the rules and get your crew for a night filled with excitement and thrilling experiences. The nightlife, the restaurants, the ready-to-party crowd is sure to take your heart away. So get your girls to this entertainment capital, catch a show, take a gamble and hit the bachelorette trip jackpot!


Nashville is one music city in the US that is growing like crazy. There is a tight race between Las Vegas and Nashville for the title of the most popular bachelorette destination. This is because even Nashville has got it all set with boots and bling before the ring! With ultimate bar scenes, live music galore going crazy all night and fantastic food, you just cannot miss going to this place. If you prefer Las Vegas over Nashville, that’s your call but we must tell you that Nashville has a lot of surprises in store for you. There is plenty to keep the bride tribe entertained like drinks and dinner at the Hermitage bar and exploring bars on lower broadway.


How can we not include Miami on this list? It is one of South Florida’s premier vacation destinations with exotic beaches, amazing weather and endless entertainment. If you’re the kind to have a party on the beach all night long, this place is for you. Miami has one of the most beautiful beaches with crowd going crazy wearing colorful bikinis and dancing to the loud music. The incredible nightlife in Miami had us! Cuban-inspired eats make Miami a fantastic spot to celebrate a bride’s last fling. You can make dinner reservations at Bolivar where there is live music. You can also enjoy drinks by the poolside at Fountainbleau on a breezy day.


Talking about having fun, how can Bangkok lag behind? It is one of the best places to have your bachelorette party because of its crazy nightlife. If you are the drunken squad, then this destination is for you. Copious amount of alcohol and all-night party are the highlights of this crazy fun city. That’s why you would love to celebrate your last days of freedom here. The best time to visit this place is from November to March. You could book a bachelor party bus for your squad and enjoy the comfort of luxury. Pole-dancing beauties will gain your attention the most!


Because of this place, Spain happens to be amongst the best countries for a bachelor party. Get your heads banging as you hop from one bar to another in this crazy pub city. There are endless nightclubs around the city like Space and Pacha where the crowd is so high on life. You can dance to the beat of loud electronic music like never before and sway all night! You can hire a private boat or cruise and take a dip in the cool waters. Let loose and unwind this heart-pumping experience on your bachelorette.

Bachelorette is one of the most special occasions of anyone’s life. So before you start a new life, these exotic destinations will get your adrenaline rush back and also put a memorable end to your singledom!

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