Most Adventurous Roads In The World

Most Adventurous Roads In The World

There are so many accidents that take place at different highways. These highways are still not dangerous in comparison to those that are being mentioned in this list below.

Here is a list of some of the most adventurous roads in the world.

Killar To Pangi Roads In India

The most adventurous or rather the dangerous road exists in India. It is in between Killar and Pangi and passes through Kishtwar. The 114 kms road has an elevation of about 8280 feet. The muddy road is not much developed and does not have any guardrails. Also, the road is quite steep. The road is just opened during the summer months and is known as not proper for the faint hearts. The place is enough just for one jeep to pass and any time stones can fall down causing accidents.

North Yungas Road

The next road is from Bolivia that runs about 80 kms and has an elevation of about 15,256 feet. The road is also known as the ‘Road of Death’ and has around 200 or more hairpin turns. There are also guardrails on this road and it is often exposed to landslides, cliffs and rockfalls.

Zoji La Pass

Once again, another adventurous road is from India. The 9 kms long road has an elevation of about 11, 575 feet. The road is known to connect Leh with Kashmir and hence is one of the major routes for many people to pass by. Here also there are no such guardrails and the roads remain filled with dirt due to mud. The road is also affected by extreme weather conditions from time to time making it difficult for the passengers to pass by.

Guoliang Tunnel Road

The small road in China is of about 1.2 kms but has an elevation of 2000 feet and is also counted in the most adventurous roads across the world. The road has been made by the villagers and hence due to the lack of knowledge, such a road has been created that has led to the death of many people. The road does not have any guardrails and is exposed to various conditions such as fog, rockfall and many others that create trouble from time to time.

Wish to have an adventure road trip next time? You can look forward to having a trip of any of these roads. There are also a number of other such adventurous roads that can be named such as Pan American Highway, James Dalton Highway, Sichuan-Tibet Highway, and many others.

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