Money saving tips for the next time you book a flight

Money saving tips for the next time you book a flight

As convenient as traveling by plane seems all the expenses that it takes to book a flight can be unbearable for most of us. Not only reserving a seat on the plane is pretty expensive, but all the extra fares that airlines charge for even the tiniest of things like the carry-on bags, exiting the row seats and even water for that matter can easily burn a huge hole in anyone’s pocket. No matter how hard we try not to go beyond the desired budget while booking a flight, we always end up spending more than we intended to do. Doesn’t seem fair, right? Well, we totally feel you. Fortunately, there are several hacks that can help you in saving a few bucks while booking a ticket on a plane for your next travel. Not only some of the hacks are pretty useful but logical as well to keep you from spending that extra money on booking a flight. We have rounded up a list of 5 money-saving tips or hacks that will help you with saving some money the next time you book a flight.


Book the tickets early

Always, remember always book your flight ticket months prior to you are supposed to travel. This is the simplest and time tested rule, which will definitely help you save some bucks. The closer you are to your travel dates, the expensive the tickets will get. If not two months, then you should book the flight ticket at least 30 days in advance. This way, you will get a cheaper deal and save that extra amount that you might have spent while booking the ticket close to your travel date.


Avoid booking tickets during weekends

Weekends are one of the busiest travel days. You should avoid booking tickets on days like Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday as it is convenient for working folks to travel during weekends. If you are looking for the best day to book your flight, then there can be no better day than Wednesday as the tickets will be cheaper. During mid-week, airfares tend to get a bit cheaper. And you can also book the tickets during late-night or mid-day as most of the flights are cheaper than early morning or evening flights.


Travel off-season

If you are looking to book a flight ticket just for a traveling purpose and there’s no sort of emergency involved, then it’s better if you book the tickets during the off-season. This is what most of the travelers do to purchase inexpensive flight tickets. Most of the airlines increase their fare prices strategically during the peak season. If you still plan on going during the peak or holiday season, then you should book the tickets a month before your departure or booking it during the off-season is always the best choice.


Book non-refundable tickets

If you are completely sure of your travel dates, then you should always book non-refundable tickets as they are much cheaper than tickets that allow a refund. The majority of the airlines follows this rule and keeps the prices for refundable tickets usually much higher than non-refundable tickets. Unless you are sure of the dates, you shouldn’t get non-refundable tickets. Take the call wisely!


Travel lightly

Yes, you heard it right! Traveling lightly means no extra luggage, which also means no extra charges for bags. During our trip, most of us usually tend to carry stuff more than it’s required. You should only carry certain things in your bag that you actually need. Even they can cost you extra charges for carry-on if it exceeds the weight limit. So always be aware of how much weight you can carry on the flights and then packs things accordingly.

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