Mind-Blowing Train Trips In Europe

Mind-Blowing Train Trips In Europe

People today wish to move fast and hence look for options such as flights and roadways. What about comfort and peace of mind? This is what exactly attained when you are on a train ride. Imagine yourself sitting inside a train with the huge glass windows showing the panorama view of nature outside.

Looking forward to some such trips? Here are some of the most amazing train trips in Europe that you can have or your journey.

Bernina Express

Bernina Express takes you on a trip from Switzerland to Italy. The beauty of this train trip is that it takes you close to nature and you can experience some of the most amazing landscapes that come in between. The train crosses about 196 bridges and 55 tunnels while taking you on a ride to the Alps. It is the best to have a trip during or just after the winter when you can view the snow scattered over in between of which your train travels.

The Flam Railway

This train service is Norway is another option that can take you to nature. Norway is already one of the best places to find nature at its best with the mountains, fjords, and so many other things. It is also one of the steepest railway journeys and you will surely love the scenes outside your windows while the train is running on its track.

Venice Simplon Orient Express

This is also known as the Orient Express and cover the distance between Paris and Istanbul. While you are on a train journey with this express, you are sure to get a view of some of the most amazing natural scenes. Also, you can cross some of the amazing places such as Prague, Budapest, Vienna, and so many others.

Train de la Cote Bleue

The southern part of France is filled with some mind-blowing landscapes. But with the high-speed trains in this region, it becomes quite difficult to get hold of the scenes. Train de la Cote Bleue is a different story. It covers a distance from Marseille to Miramas and offers you a complete scenic view of about 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Semmering Railway

The train journey connects a number of places such as Semmering, Gloggnitz, and so on. In this 41 kms train journey through the mountains, you will come across 15 tunnels and 16 viaducts.

Apart from the above-mentioned train trips, there are so many others also that you can enjoy in Europe. Some more that you can have are El Transcantabrico Clasico in Spain, Linha Do Douro in Portugal, and many others.

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