Indulge in the contagious vibe of Macau

Indulge in the contagious vibe of Macau

Known as the Vegas of Asia, Macau is a fun-filled place with some of the most incredible things to do. You will get tired after some time but this city will never fail to surprise you! Just at a mere distance of 62 kilometers from Hong Kong, this gothic city is an incredible place to visit. Worthy of all your vacation goals, you must head to Macau for an enthralling experience. Indulge in the vibe of famous casinos, explore the Venetian city or try Bungee jumping for the best experience ever. Here is a list of the best things to do in Macau that you will love and remember them for a lifetime!


Watch the World’s Largest Water Show

If you are in Macau, you sure shot cannot afford to miss this one. World’s largest water show that this one is, it will give you the most spectacular experience ever. You are going to remember this one for a lifetime because it is just so innovative and magical. Called The House of Dancing Water, this water show was created by renowned producer Franco Dragone. A lot of attention was paid to details and then this show was curated keeping in mind some extravagant stunts and stunning scenic views. You will spot some really talented artists and performers in this show who make this one a hit. This show lasts for about 90 minutes amidst which a series of dancers, acrobats, stuntmen, and divers do their thing and make this show worthwhile. This one is not supposed to be missed, for sure!


Pay homage at A-Ma Temple

This one is the most popular temple in Macau for all the right reasons. You will find the utmost peace and serenity here because this one is just so gorgeous. Being the oldest temple in the city, it is said that Macau has derived its name from this one. A lot of tourists and localities are spotted here who come to visit on a daily to pay homage to the goddess Mazu, protector of seafarers and fishermen. The built and structure of this temple is commendable and will give you artistic feels as well. You will spot a lot of unique sculptures and pavilions inside this temple that are dedicated to certain deities. A-Ma Temple is the most popular one in Macau and thus, you should make sure to visit this one.


Try your luck at multiple casinos

Macau is the hub of entertainment, fun, and frolic along with a wild nightlife. You won’t be having a single dull moment in this city because everything is just so vibrant. If you are looking for a fun night, then Macau will offer you one and do justice to it. With so many extravagant casinos at every corner flashing lights over the street, you will have a lot of options in casinos. Pick one and make your way through the crowd. However, gambling is not the main attraction here. A lot of luck games are featured in the casinos and are taken very seriously, unlike Vegas. Out of all the casinos, Grand Lisboa is an iconic one and also one of the oldest and most long-standing hotels in Macau. Other popular casinos include Galaxy and The Venetian Casino. With dazzling flashy lights on every corner, you will not be able to resist this one.


Experience the World’s highest Bungy Jumping

One of the greatest reasons why everyone is attracted to Macau is this. This place offers an opportunity to experience the World’s highest Bungy jumping and give you the ultimate thrill of your life. This is a bliss for all those who seek adventure and are passionate to test their boundaries. Home to the Highest Commercial Bungy Jump in the World, Macau holds a Guinness World Record in this category. We say that each one of you should at least once head to this place and have the pleasure of this experience because the thrill is totally worth it. Jumpers leap from a height of 233 meters in a free fall and have the greatest adrenalin rush of all times. The Macau tower also offers other thrilling activities like Skywalking and ski jumping. You can make your pick of whatever makes you feel comfortable but give it a shot for sure!


The vibe of Venetian Hotel & Casino

The Venetian hotel & casino is one of the most popular places here because it offers a vibe of another level. Having a Venetian experience in Macau is not to be missed. This popular hotel features a shopping mall inside the hotel that is modeled after the city of Venice. So, basically it would take you to Venice virtually and you can enjoy the feeling in the best possible way. The best thing about this hotel is that while looking at the interiors, you will be left spellbound. The ceiling is painted like an afternoon sky, the buildings are just like Venice with water flowing midway, the streets are cobbled and gothic. Everything is just so real that you won’t believe you are someplace else. A paradise for shoppers and scenic lovers, everyone can spend a day here and grab a bite at some famous outlets. Enjoy the atmosphere!

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