Incredible things to do in Malawi for a memorable time

Incredible things to do in Malawi for a memorable time

Malawi is one of the few countries in southern Africa which not many people have heard about. It might not be as popular as its neighboring countries but it’s definitely a place that is worth exploring for all the exciting things you can see and do here. The country is relatively less discovered by the tourists and that gives you the perfect reason to visit this place as it won’t be packed with tourists unlike other popular destination and you will feel more at peace with high excitement levels as you will have so many things to discover on your own and not because you have heard so much about it. The nation boasts of stunning natural beauty and amazing wildlife, besides that, it also houses the continent’s third-largest lake, Lake Malawi which is so huge and incredibly stunning to look at.

The country is often referred to as the warm heart of Africa and you can owe it to the natives of the country who are extremely friendly and make you feel more at home. Malawi may not be the most advanced and developed country but it certainly is a place that can never disappoint you with its endless charm and beauty.

We have jotted down a list of some of the best things you can do in Malawi to make your time here more fun and memorable.


Explore Lake Malawi

When in Malawi, you certainly cannot miss out on exploring its main highlight. Exploring Lake Malawi is one of the best things you can do in the country. Though Malawi is a landlocked country, you can still get to see and experience its romantic side by visiting Lake Malawi. This lake is the reason why the country is blessed with several beautiful and colorful beaches where you can also enjoy diving and snorkeling. You can also find various accommodations nearby the lake such as rustic campsites and lakeside luxurious resorts.


Hike Mulanje Mountain

All the nature admirer and adventure enthusiasts must consider hiking the Mulanje Mountain which is located in Southern Malawi. And hiking is not the only best part about this mountain, you can also find stunning waterfalls, streams, unique rock formations and forests as you snake through the trail. Sapitwa is the highest peak amongst all and it towers at a height of 10,000 feet. All in all, every hiking trail of this mountain is quite stunning and not to forget pretty easy to complete. You will find a series of small huts as you complete your hike and each of them is equipped with mattresses, cooking and eating utensils, and other essential items that can be used by the members.


Ride on the ferry to Likoma Island

Likoma Island houses some of the finest beaches and there’s no shortage of accommodation as you can easily find amazing eco-friendly resorts as well as more budget-friendly options. Although the island is situated in Mozambique waters, it still falls under the Malawian territory. Once you reach the island, you will have plenty of things to do here including strolling inland and visiting the small villages, exploring the local markets, or kayaking on the island. You can enjoy water-based activities such as diving and there’s also a diving school that can offer you a diving certificate at an inexpensive rate.


Explore the wildlife

The country takes pride in its nine national parks and wildlife reserves. While almost every other national park and reserve is best to view the wildlife, liwonde national park is considered the best amongst all which is not only the largest national park but also houses a huge variety of animals including elephants, hippos, buffalo and much more. It’s also a good place for bird watching as the park comprises a huge variety of bird population.

Explore the Zomba plateau

If you can’t take enough of the heat of Malawi then visiting the Zomba plateau should be on your radar as it is guaranteed to make your day more fun, relaxing, and thrilling. From stunning waterfalls to trout-filled dams, the Zomba plateau is known to offer some of the majestic views, which was also once the spirited capital of the country. If you have plenty of time then you should consider spending a couple of days in this scenic location. There are plenty of accommodations for the tourists including luxury resorts and forest lodge.

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