How To Afford A Life Of Travel

How To Afford A Life Of Travel

Traveling around the globe is a costly affair. We all will agree to that. From booking the flights to accommodation, sight-seeing, and food everything requires a hell lot of money. If we already kind of struggle to get by while we’re not traveling…then how the heck can we afford to travel? Some indulge themselves in huge savings but despite saving every single penny, we end up with insufficient funds. No doubt, traveling is by far the best thing anyone can do in their lives. It enriches your life and soul and if you have a true passion and desire for it, then this post is for you. There is no need to kill the Hodophile in you as the post will provide you the best money-saving and budgeting tips, you can ever get.

So, what are you waiting for just pack your bags and travel around the world even on a dime. Having adequate balance in your account for traveling is a thing of past, just a few money-saving tips and you can eat, love, explore, save money, and travel more.

Be flexible when it comes to flying

It’s obvious that we cannot cut travel expenses; we have to incur them while traveling. But, one thing that you can do and will surely make a huge difference is to be flexible with your travel dates.

Select the dates when flights are cheaper and believe us you can literally save hundreds on flights. What do you think all those peripatetics who travel the world are rich or have sufficient money to spend on travel? No, they wisely plan their itineraries.

There are many apps that provide you a platform, where you can look for exact prices for each date and then you can pick the cheapest! See we told you just a few tricks and you can literally travel around the world thriftily.

Hunt for Cheap Travel Destinations

Some people might think that traveling to cheaper areas isn’t “dreamy” but this is a little secret that every travel influencer you know follows. Actually, there are a few cheaper destinations that can easily give a cut-throat competition to various high-end destinations.

When you’re traveling on a small budget, head towards the cheaper part of the globe and it will not break your bank. You will experience that everything you need is available at a fraction of the cost.

Find hostels with a kitchen

This is obvious that you will book a hostel for your stay. It is a fixed expense that you need to incur while you travel. So, instead, book a hostel room that has a kitchen too. Eating in restaurants 3 times each day can be an expensive hobby. Well we know it’s not a hobby but rather a necessity. So, a hostel room with a kitchen will enable you to cook your own meals, with local vegetables from the market, and believe us this will save you tons of money on food.

Cooking while traveling is really a fun and rewarding thing to do with cooking in your style, you can surely ditch those expensive restaurants.

Couch- Surfing

I’m sure you have heard this word before. Maybe while watching your favorite traveler. But never dare to that, thought it to be a scam. Believe us, this is the best way to literally have free accommodation anywhere you travel.

Couch Surfing is where travelers are offered free accommodation from local hosts. There is a site for this. Besides free accommodation, it’s also a great way to immerse yourself in the local culture. The hosts also share with you some insider tips to enrich your travel and experience. You can surely give it a try, we are sure you will encounter an indelible experience.


Hitchhiking is another great way to cut your transportation fares while you’re traveling. In countries other than the United States, people still hitchhike to get around. This is an acceptable and safe way when you want to spend less while traveling. Hitchhiking enables you free rides and the opportunity of meeting new people as you travel. You should definitely try hitchhiking it will save a ton of money you probably spend on transportation.

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