Have An Exotic Coastal Vacation In Croatia

Have An Exotic Coastal Vacation In Croatia

Want to have a vacation in a dreamy Mediterranean paradise? Croatia Island is one of the most beautiful paradises located in Europe. The stunning blue coastal lines and historical attractions make it a vacation-worthy place in the world. Add this exotic destination in your travel list and experience the coastal life of Croatia.

All these things sound interesting, isn’t it? Well, we feel glad to let you know that, we have brought the exclusive guide of coastal vacation on the island of Croatia. If you are planning to go on a vacation then this blog will help you to get every detail about Croatia’s best attraction. Most importantly, we assure that you’ll have the best time in this wonderful land of history. Are you to know more? Keep scrolling down and every detail about the top attractions of Croatia.

Nostalgic Areas Of Dubrovnik

One of the most exclusive destinations listed in the UNESCO heritage sites list is Dubrovnik. This magnificent old town is a beautiful place to explore. This old town offers you gorgeous architectural structures, scenic views, forts, and towers. You can walk around the old ramparts to explore the true historic beauty of this town. Also, you can capture the splendid architectural beauty of old cathedrals and buildings. If you are a lover of history and like exploring local cultures and architecture of different cities then Dubrovnik offers you a bunch of outstanding historic things for you.

Enjoy Ferry Ride Near The Hvar Town

Hvar Town is like a gem of Croatia Island. This old town is one of the most favorite tourist attractions. Also, this town is very popular for its mouth-watering fresh seafood; you can explore and visit various local seafood restaurants to enjoy exceptional flavors of Mediterranean delicacies. Apart from this, you can capture the picture-perfect beauty of old forts, harbor, and cathedral. The best thing that you do in Hvar Town is, you can take a ferry ride and enjoy the outstanding view of beaches and towns.

Discover The Greenery Of Plitvice Lakes National Park

Want to discover the jaw-dropping beauty of tropical forest? Well, Plitvice Lakes National Park offers you emerald green lakes to luscious green forests to explore. You can capture the breathtaking scenic view of waterfalls and 16 different lakes of this National Park. Also, you can roam around in the narrow lanes of the forest and watch the wild animals living peacefully in the lap of greenery. This national park is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Croatia Island, where you can see the breathtaking beauty of Mother Nature.

Relax On The Zlatni Rat Beach

Zltani Rat Beach is one of the most remarkable beaches in the world. The beach is crafted from fine pebbles and the glistening blue water makes it a serene spot for enjoying an exotic getaway. The water of this beach has an ideal warm temperature for bathing and swimming. For the people who love adventure, they enjoy swimming, kayaking, and surfing in the water of Croatia. Therefore, add this stunning exotic beach in your travel list and capture the Instagram worthy memories on this beach.

Visit The Hometown Of Marco Polo: Korcula

Korcula is the hometown of the famous legend Marco Polo. This pretty little town is located in the southern areas of Croatia. You can watch the traditional stone walls and old aristocratic buildings of ancient Croatia. During the summertime, you enjoy various summer festivals and performances by the local peoples. Also, in the petite town, you can enjoy the old nostalgic Mediterranean cultures too. So, do remember to visit the old town of Korcula and have a wonderful travel experience.

Therefore, these were the topmost locations of Croatia Island, where you can spend your precious time to have the best memories of this paradise. Thus, pack your bags and book your flight and take an exotic escape to the land of history and exotic beaches

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