Guide To Turkish Cuisine: Must-Try Foods

Guide To Turkish Cuisine: Must-Try Foods

Savoring the gastronomy of different parts is one of the essential reasons why we all love to travel, we all can agree to that. Whether a big-time foodie or on a diet, you can’t miss relishing the appetizing flavor of the places you pay a visit. If you are planning to traverse around panoramic Turkey do not forget to delight in the lip-smacking foods of Turkish culinary.

Turkish cuisine is an Ottoman cuisine with a fusion of Central Asian, Eastern Europe, and Armenian cuisines. With a perfect blend of Mediterranean food, vegetables, and Turkish spices, which fills in the incredibly varied platter of Turkish culinary that arouses an irrevocable love. Though many think of kebabs and baklava when it comes to Turkish cuisine but it’s more than these two. With different types of dishes and desserts originating from different regions Turkish cuisine it has everything to stodge in. The sizzling taste speckled with different spices, the Turkish cuisine would likely to be your favorite cuisines.

Here, is a complete guide to probably the best foods you should surely undergo in your next Turkey itinerary.



This one is the most common street food of Turkish culinary. When it comes to one of the staple food items of Turkish gastronomy Simit is on the top of the list. This Turkish doughnut is eaten by everyone in the country with every food street savoring Simit. Simit is a baked dish which is sesame-crusted bread. It would not be wrong to say that this bread seasoned with sesame seeds is one of the most favorite and portable breakfasts of Turks.

The size and crunch of the bread may differ from region to region but the taste is very universal. Sometimes, the circular bread is also offered with sunflower seeds or poppy seasoning. The main ingredients of the dish include Dough with flour, water, salt, and yeast, sesame seeds, and molasses. It’s a perfect dish to start your day as it is quite healthy and light.


Manti: Mini Ravioli

Manti can be clearly defined as meat coated small ravioli. Manti includes boiled or roasted beef/lamb with various blends of spices to add flavor to it. The taste of the dish can give you an Italian cuisine vibe but with a Turkish touch. The full of spices meat just melts in your mouth giving a lip-smacking flavor of spices and meat.

When eating this do not forget to season the Manti with garlic tomato sauce, it will just make the taste much tastier. It is a traditional dish, cooked in every Turkish household.


Kofte: Turk’s Street Meatballs

This is a perfect replica of an Italian meatball dish but with a Turkish spice. The Turkish version of meatballs is called kofte. In this dish, balls or patties are made of slightly cooked beef or lamb which is then blended with savoring Turkish spices.

The dish is served in every Turkish restaurant with salads and some pita bread. You can also find the dishes at many street stalls making it one of the most favorite dishes of Turks. It’s a perfect dish to relish your taste buds with a perfect blend of spices.


Pide: The Best

Pide can be explained as Turkish Patty with a perfect blend of softness and crunch. This one is the most favorite Turkish Food and you can’t resist yourself from having it. The appearance of the dish can entice you to relish a bite and no blame after a bite if you ate that all. This dish can be easily found in any corner of Turkey and that too at an affordable price.

The dough is well-kneaded that makes the softness of the dish to come out. It’s something you should definitely try in your next Turkish itinerary.

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