Get out and fall in love with Kyoto, Japan

Get out and fall in love with Kyoto, Japan

Are you looking forward to traveling this year and wanting to take a break from the busy schedule? Then, Kyoto is the 2020’s best place to travel, explore and to capture it in memory. This city is located in Japan in the Kansai region. And, today we are here to give a total guide about Kyoto so that you could have all the information through which you can easily explore Kyoto city without any doubts. Me, you and every one of us loves travelling. And, especially for a person who is in love with Asian culture Kyoto, Japan can be the perfect destination for him to explore.

This beautiful city Kyoto offers you amazing tourist spots to enjoy your every day of vacation. And as we know that Japan is popular for its beautiful and calm culture and history, you can feel the calmness and joy of travel in the air of Kyoto. So, pack up your bags and book your tickets now and get ready to fly off to Kyoto. Because today you’ll get all the details about the beautiful Kyoto city in Japan that you need to travel and to enjoy their surrounding.

Here, are some of the top locations of Kyoto where you must visit and add them up in your bucket list.


Nijo Castle

Nijo Castle is one of the most beautiful destinations located in Kyoto city. This castle has completely diverged into 3 different regions, first is the Honmaru known as the main circle of defense. Secondly, the Ninomaru, that is the second circle of defense. You can have look over their beautiful gardens present inside the castle. And, this castle is made of beautiful natural stones which bring out the aesthetic feel of nature. This castle has breathtaking beautiful ceilings and elegant looking rooms and most popular sliding doors of Japan.

The best part about this garden is, they are formed into beautiful landscape styling. So, you can easily get the feel of Japanese culture. Therefore, add this place into the bucket list and whenever you visit Kyoto make sure to visit Nijo Castle,


Kinkaku-Ji (known as golden pavilion)

KinKaku-Ji is located in the northwest region of Kyoto. This is one of the most beautiful Buddhist temple situated in the world. And, this temple was once a villa before transforming it into a monastery.

It was reconstructed into the most beautiful golden structure. And, today if you visit Kinkaku-Ji, you’ll find this place as one of the most beautiful and serene locations that you’ll ever visit. This temple looks more beautiful in the autumn season and this Zen garden attracts all the tourists from all over the world. So, you love the visit places that have their own beauty and calmness then this Kinakaku-Ji is the perfect destination in Kyoto that you need to see.


Imperial Palace

For every nature and botanical lover, The imperial palace is the most loved location in Kyoto where you need to go. This Imperial Palace was the home of the Japanese emperor and this palace has breathtaking stunning architecture and most serene landscaped gardens. you’ll get to see many beautiful sculptures and wonderful shrines that you can capture in cameras. This imperial palace is one of the topmost tourist attraction for people who visit Kyoto, Japan.



As we know that Japan is very popular for its spring season, Kiyomizu-Dera is the famous temple where you can to see the most beautiful Cherry blossom trees. You can visit this place to enjoy the wonderful beauty of the spring season and nature. We are absolutely sure that when you visit this wonderful temple, you gonna have wonderful and worthy time at that place. Therefore, do visit Kiyomizu-Dera to experience the most beautiful fall of cherry blossom.


Streets Of Gion

If you are fond of exploring the local lifestyle of different cities and countries then, you need to travel to Streets of Gion in Kyoto. This is one of the oldest districts of Samurai in Kyoto. And, you can experience the local lifestyle of the people staying in that district and you enjoy their cultural cuisines and shop up antiques too. The streets Of Gion is popular because it signifies the true beauty of Japanese history. Thus, do visit this wonderful district of Kyoto and capture the Japanese cultural life in your hearts.

Thus there are a lot more things that you need to do in Kyoto. And, so this city signifies the true beauty of Japanese culture. Hence, visit Kyoto city once and experience and capture the serene beauty of every location in your hearts and cameras.

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