Genius Hacks that will help you pack tactfully!

Genius Hacks that will help you pack tactfully!

While traveling, the worst thing we do is packing in bulk and weigh it up like crazy. We often tend to forget that we have to carry it ourself and that’s why it is important to pack smartly. Carry only those items that are necessary and if you have to pack a lot of them, pack them tactfully. This is important and that is why we have some hacks that will help you pack for your next vacation tactfully. Read on and inculcate them the next time you pack!


Pack by outfit styles


The most convenient way of packing your clothes is to do it by style and design. This might seem like a common thing to say but actually, it is not even practiced that commonly. If you do not understand the concept of smart packing, then this one is definitely for you. This hack will help you find your outfits right when you open the bag. The trick is to place all your similar outfits like jeans, pants, trousers, shorts and basically all the bottoms together and uppers together. This segregation on the basis of style and design is a great hack and works best for confused travelers. This way you are able to see what you have got and choose your combinations accordingly. It will save time and keep you away from confusion.

Roll your apparel


Another trick associated with packing is that you can roll all your clothing kinds if you want to save the space in your bag. What happens is that sometimes you need to carry a lot of outfits for a vacation but since you don’t want to carry more than one bag, all the clothes need to fit in one. In such a situation, you can use this hack for packing. No matter how many outfits you want to pack, just roll them and place them one by one adjacently and on top of them. You will be surprised to see the amount of space this trick has saved in your bag. Truly one of the most genius ideas to save on space and time, this will be a pro packing tip for you!

Be selective about your footwear


One of the most pro hacking tips is this one! You need to be very selective and careful when it comes to footwear. The thing is that we need a lot of them and that is why we carry all of them. But do we actually wear them all? Well, we don’t think so! We just carry them because we think there might be a chance to wear them but this never happens. So, while packing smartly, it is advised to pack very few pairs of footwear to avoid a bulky bag. And even if you want to pack some pairs then go for a spooning method. Let those pairs be placed facing each other in the opposite direction to save space in your bag. Keep them enclosed and you ‘ll know why we asked you to do this!

Pack Sample Sized Toiletries

Another thing that you must do for packing smartly is to carry mini versions of all your toiletries or creams. This is because your vacation might be for a few days, say a week or two. If so, then you do not need a handful of your toiletries like shampoo, conditions, creams or soaps. Then why kill space will all these things? It is advised to keep a sample size of all these things in your vanity to save space. You don’t need the full-size bottles for a short trip and they will just make the bag bulky, anyway. So, the hack is to buy mini versions of them and keep them in your bag for smart travel packing. This one will definitely work!

Pack lingerie smartly

What you have to do is pack all your lingerie essentials smartly. This hack works magically and you will see how. Either you can club all the similar lingerie together in terms of utility or you can do another thing that saves a lot of space. You can keep all your under panties in the cups of your bra and voila! Smart hack for saving space while traveling! No one will tell you about this trick but it works like anything. You can use this for your sanitary napkins as well. Just make sure you use the cups of your bra for more than two parties. This will save a lot of space and makes you a smart packer in no time.



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