Funny Cultural Shocks You Can Experience Traversing In Germany

Funny Cultural Shocks You Can Experience Traversing In Germany

If you’re planning to travel to any part of Germany, get ready to experience these 5 funny yet surprising cultural shocks.
Every place you travel has its own culture and that’s what makes them unique. While some cultural practices are relatable but some give you a deep shock and you find those pretty weird. And, the same happens when a first-timer travelers to Germany.
Germany has a unique culture and if you’re traveling to Berlin, Munich, or Cologne, these are a few things that can surprise you but all of this is a great experience to gain.
If you want to know what are the major 5 cultural shocks, read the post till the end!


Shock 1- Germans Are Serious About Rules

You might get shocked but Germans are happy to live with certain rules and regulations. They much like their country’s rules and regulations. If you have ever done business with Germans you can relate to the thing that they are very particular about their rules and contracts.
Being a tourist if you want to travel to Germany there are certain serious formalities and bureaucracy that you have to go through even when looking for accommodation.


Shock 2- Funny German Gestures

One of the most shocking or you can say a unique thing about German culture is that they don’t clap. If they’re happy or want to praise something they don’t clap, they actually knock the table.
So, if you’re sitting in a cafe and people start knocking on the table; don’t get scared as they’re clapping in the German style. This thing is very important and you should know before traveling to Germany. When you know these gestures, you’ll actually mingle well with the place and most importantly with the people.


Shock 3- Germans Speak English Really Well

If you think it won’t work without learning the German language, you’re wrong. We mean Germans feel very happy if you try to speak their language and they’ll support and rectify your mistakes politely. But, even if you speak in English they’ll carry the conversation in English really well.
And, it might surprise you, but their English is even great than Americans or Britishers, and to be honest even better than you’ll speak.
So, you can learn a few German words but even if you don’t, you can traverse around the country easily.


Shock 4- Germans Are Actually Very Polite And Helpful

Not to blame you, if you thought Germans to be arrogant, as their history speaks so. But, believe us Germans are not as you might think them to be. These are some of the wrong perceptions people have about the locals but if you ask the travelers who visited the country, you’ll know how polite and helpful the Germans are.
They are serious about their language and culture and they want you to respect that but they are certainly not rude or arrogant. And, while you’re in the country, you’ll surely make some good friends.


Shock 5- Food Is Beyond Pork

You can spot pork used in many of the German dishes but the German food is beyond Pork and only when you visit the country you realize how versatile their cuisine is and mind you Germans don’t eat pork every day.

So, these are a few cultural shocks you should be ready to experience on your trip to any part of Germany. These cultural shocks will help you in making the best trip and we hope the feed turns out to be a great help

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